Everyone feels like their bathroom is a bit out of date at some point. This got me thinking that the bathroom itself wouldn’t say no to a mini budget restoration. After all, it’s the place we go to freshen up and prepare ourselves for the day ahead!

I’ve already discussed a marble floor repairs and restorations in the past, but I feel like the time is ripe for some more great economical suggestions for everyone out there!

None of us really want to spend much on these changes, but these recommendations can suit any budget and still add much-needed alterations to a tired bathroom.

Try a new colour on the walls and ceiling

If you’ve got painted walls instead of tiling or wallpaper, then it’s never the worst idea to update the bathroom with simply a new lick of paint. You’d be surprised how dirty and worn-out bathroom walls can get, especially if it’s been several years since they were last painted.

I’ve heard that completely white walls are less trendy, and a pop of colour like blue or green can add a calming presence, as well as looking much more revitalised. Remove anything that’s not fixed down and put covers over the shower, toilet, sink etc., then paint the walls and ceiling for a rejuvenated bathroom.

Check the storage areas

I get that storage in the family bathroom can start to look a bit hectic over the years, but once you put in the effort to tidy things up, you’ll be so much happier in this area.

All those bottles and jars begin to appear quite ugly after a while, so adding a bathroom vanity will help you have more storage options. You can also pull off the classic mirror cupboard, as there’s just one more spot to store items that can be unsightly. There are loads of great ideas here that will suit almost any bathroom!

Replace the showerhead ASAP

I never really feel like the entire shower itself needs to be overhauled, as it’s costly and new items are difficult to choose. That’s why it’s often enough to simply replace the showerhead to have a much cleaner and efficient shower experience.

A lot of bacteria builds up on the showerhead, and there are modern options that also let you choose different jets of water if you want to save on bills. That’s why it’s good to change the showerhead when you can, as you’ll be happier for monetary and hygiene reasons! GROHE has some fab advice for how to replace a showerhead and hose as a DIY option.

Add some colour and life

It might be incredibly simple (the best ideas usually are), but I love the thought of adding plants to a bathroom. These make the space feel so much fresher and brighter, as there’s something nice about nature coming into the home.

Thankfully, there are many plants that really thrive in damp, humid, and dark spots like the bathroom, such as bamboo, aloe vera, snake plant, ivy, ferns, and much more. Your local garden centre can advise you on which plants will suit the bathroom and how you can take care of them. These little plants also help suck moisture out of the air – great for stopping dampness!

If plants sound like too much, then a framed photo or painting of something green is the next best thing. Rainforests or jungles, for example, make great pictures on bathroom walls, as you’ll be connected to nature and you can get lost in the imagery for a moment. I hope these ideas can improve your bathroom on a budget and help you begin the new year with a fresh start in the home.