The people behind the Mayfair places

Many of the street names in Mayfair are world famous, synonymous with style, class and luxury across the globe. Hardly anyone knows how those names came to be. Here are the stories behind some of Mayfair’s most popular places.

Grosvenor Square.

Grosvenor Square takes its name from the Duke of Westminster, Sir Richard Grosvenor. It was the centrepiece of his Mayfair property. Development of the area started in 1721. Until WWII it was one of the most fashionable residential addresses.

Burlington Arcade.

One of Mayfair’s most popular and prestigious shopping destinations, the Burlington Arcade. It was built in 1819 by Lord George Cavendish, but gets its name from the Earl of Burlington. The Earl is also the namesake of Burlington Gardens and Burlington House.

Regent Street.

Regent Street’s name is derived from Prince Regent, also known at George IV. Who was King of England from 1820-1830. Prince Regent was most famous for his extravagant lifestyle,. So it’s unsurprising that his name sake is now one of London’s most affluent shopping areas.

Bond Street.

Sir Thomas Bond is the man behind Bond Street. He was the head of a development syndicate which purchased a Piccadilly mansion in 1683. He proceeded to demolish the house, and rebuild and improve the area. Sir Thomas is also responsible for the nearby Dover and Albermarle Streets,. Of course, he couldn’t name them all after himself.