Mayfair's finest establishments

Mayfair to become home to the most expensive house in Britain

The district of Mayfair has always been known for its exclusive, luxurious residences. A a new renovation in the area has taken property prices to a whole new level. Proposed images have been released of the conversion of Mayfair’s In and Out club. A project which will transform the building into Britain’s most expensive residence.

Making a rather substantial profit.

The Grade I-listed property, also known as Cambridge House. It is expected to be worth approximately £200 million upon completion. Meaning that the billionaire Reuben brothers, who purchased the building for £150 million. Are likely to make a rather substantial profit.

A decadent London domain.

During the renovation, the In and Out club will become a decadent London domain. Complete with 11 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, two guest powder rooms and eight cloakrooms. The lucky buyer will also be privileged enough to have their very own spa, gym. There’s beauty salon and even a wine cellar, with the capacity to hold 35,000 bottles.

Enhance this part of the Mayfair.

A spokesman for the Reuben brothers said. “A key aim of the proposal is to remove buildings from the Heritage at Risk Register and substantially enhance this part of the Mayfair conversion area. The properties have been neglected for many years, resulting in extensive deterioration.” It seems that the Reuben brothers are intent on restoring the building to its former glory . To bring one of the most extravagant homes ever created to the heart of Mayfair.

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