The Most Popular Collegetown Restaurants for Students

College is a stage in which every student collects memories of sleepless nights, tons of books, and endless fun. The experiences we amass while at university last for a lifetime. They tell tales about our successes and failures, spiced by foods of different types.

Yes, you’ve heard that well. What is college without charming round-the-corner cafes or main-street local bars and restaurants? Life without mouth-watering delicacies is dull and tasteless.

Whether it’s your first year in college or you’re stopping by accidentally, there are classics you cannot miss. Even if you already live in such a place, it’s better to enjoy fantastic restaurants instead of sweating over the books. So, if you have too much homework assignments to do, contact to take care of that, and head out. Places hidden in leafy neighbourhoods like a landmark sandwich and ice cream shops will spoil you for choices.  Here are a few spots in the most iconic American college towns you must visit.

Wisemiller’s Deli

When in the vicinity of Georgetown University, head to Wisemiller’s. Not eating out at this dining pearl would be your greatest mistake because you’ll miss some delicious chicken and sandwiches. Since the meals are remarkable, the spot gets packed with students.

Wisemiller’s Deli in Washington D.C. is an excellent pick for lunch at an affordable price. The place is close to the campus, so make sure you put this stop on your list if you are heading to GU. And get ready to fall in love with the Chicken Madness signature sandwich.

Bodo’s Bagels

If you’re looking for a quick bite in Charlottesville, put Bodo’s Bagels on your list. Whether you’re a random traveller or enrolling at Virginia University, this place is a must.

The menu displays bagels with various toppings, and the food is fresh and reasonably priced. So, why not entrust your urgent assignment to your writing buddy and head to Bodo’s this Saturday morning? There’s no better way to begin your day than with a breakfast bagel at this popular student hideaway.

Kelly’s Steak and Seafood

Are you trying to locate the best college town food in your proximity? If you’re within the Pennsylvania area, your choices are endless. However, Kelly’s Steak and Seafood is a gem that distinguishes itself from the other restaurants. With a mid-price range, there is a wide selection for everyone.

As vast as the college campus is, students are constantly pouring into Kelly’s diner. There they can eat in a relaxing atmosphere or pick a takeout. The most craved specialties among students include grilled dry-aged steak and salmon. Though located several miles northwest of the college, this premier place is worth a visit.

Mani Osteria & Bar

Are you fond of Italian food and studying at Michigan University? Perhaps you’re middle-aged and moving to the area. Whatever your story, Mani is an exceptional Italian restaurant near the college campus that pleases all tastes.

As for the menu, there’s a lengthy list of wood-fired pizzas, stupendous pasta, and craft beer. The place also offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals. The ambience is always energetic, with a catchy Neapolitan vibe inviting passers-by to grab a bite. Moreover, the service is super-fast, and the cost is offset by the incredible flavours you never believed existed.

Momma Goldberg’s Deli

Operating at the exact location it opened over 45 years ago, Momma Goldberg’s Deli is a famous food chain in Auburn. Now, this Southeast chain is available in several spots for college students to relish tasty food at budget-friendly prices.

Momma’s Love sandwich is the signature meal everyone should give a go. This meaty combination of roast beef, smoked turkey, and ham comprises 45% of all sandwich sales. Definitely a one-stop shop in Alabama for all college goers!

The Chuckbox

Is Arizona State University in Tempe the next stop on your education map? If yes, The Chuckbox is the perfect crowd-pleaser to visit with your peers. This hamburger place is a legend, and its mesquite charcoal-grilled burgers have been a massive hit for decades.

The Chuckbox recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and that says about everything. The quality of food is always high, and the prices are affordable for an average student’s pocket. When visiting, try the Tijuana Torpedo with special ground beef and jalapeño Jack cheese stuffed between two patties and green chili on top.

Dixie Chicken

Are you searching for a once-in-a-lifetime student experience around College Station? If dining in a unique atmosphere is your favorite free-time activity, Dixie Chicken is the ideal place to visit. Once you enter, you’ll get overwhelmed by the incredible memorabilia adorning the bar walls.

Undoubtedly, Dixie is the best way to experience the Northgate district. You can find it opposite the Texas A&M University campus. Since students have labeled the shop their favorite local watering hole, you can’t help but try the Shiner Bock and Tijuana fries combo. An average meal will cost you about $10.

Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry

Almost any student whose Alma Mater is in Madison, Wisconsin, has dropped by Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry at least once. The burgers are super delicious and feature traditional and non-traditional toppings. Spotted cow and fried curds with ranch are also a must-try.

Don’t forget to try the homemade soups and chilli, too. You can also pick to consume one of the 24 craft beers with appetizers. New Glarus’s brews are only available here, so use this to your advantage and have a blast of a night with your friends at Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry.

Finally, if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the Homemade Fudge Bottom Pie for an exceptional treat. The recipe for their malts and shakes hasn’t changed for over 25 years.

New Haven Pizza

Are you a pizza addict? Does the smell of melted cheese and pepperoni make your stomach beg for more? If yes, do as locals do at Yale University and head to New Haven for a phenomenal experience. All the ingredients are fresh, local, and carefully selected to appeal to the finest tastes.

Though the place sits midway between Boston and Manhattan, your drive will be worth it. The service is always helpful and attentive, whereas the overall setting is pleasant and informal.


Nutritious and quality food is a pipe dream for many students, but not all hope is lost. A few places around town have managed to keep their reputation for serving exceptional homemade dishes. And for students on a budget, having somewhere to eat without breaking the bank is life-saving.

Moreover, these college-town eateries are places where students mingle, spend time doing assignments, and enjoy their free time. These moments of pure joy and comfort stay in their memories long after graduation. That’s why the gems we suggest aren’t chain restaurants or posh places but only cosy and quaint little cafes.


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