4 Essential Luxury Brand Apps That You Should Download Today

Mobile technology has become so vital in the past few years that it is hard to think about what our lives would be like without it. After all, we reach for our smartphones and tablets for so many reasons these days, from arranging that upcoming lunch date with friends to checking out the latest news.

Gaming on the devices has also become the norm in recent times and there has been an intriguing announcement related to the fact that Gucci has been getting involved in that area.

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Exciting new collaboration

Sites including Hypebeast.com have reported on the news that the luxury powerhouse is linking up with developer Wildlife to get involved in its mobile title Tennis Clash. Under the terms of the collaboration, the fashion house has created exclusive outfits in which players will be able to dress their characters. A new in-game event called the Gucci Open is also set to launch, with the features expected to go live from June 18th.

Hello, Challengers!

We are happy to announce a partnership with one of the most innovative italian fashion brand in operation today, that has been reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. Influential, innovative and progressive, that is @gucci!

— TennisClash (@ClashTennis) May 27, 2020

While at first glance such a move might seem strange, it undoubtedly highlights how big mobile gaming has become in recent years. A whole host of experiences can now be accessed on smartphones and tablets, with the popularity of the area being highlighted by the fact that big-name franchises like Fortnite, Mario and Call of Duty are now available on handheld devices. Online casino gaming has also made the move onto mobile, with this site explaining how slots can now be accessed on operating systems including iOS and Android.

However, Gucci’s move is just the latest example of luxury brands embracing the mobile space, as many have also chosen to take the plunge and launch their own specialised apps. But which are the best out there? Here we take a look at four options created by brands in the luxury goods space and what you can expect from each of them.

Louis Vuitton

Few luxury brands are quite as famous as Louis Vuitton and you can add the famous LV logo to your mobile phone by downloading its app.

As the App Store listing for the software explains, it gives users the chance to browse the organisation’s full product catalogue and also log into their MyLV account to get personalised content. Another impressive feature is a product recognition tool that allows people to take a photo of a bag to access suggested LV items. You can also track Horizon luggage through the app as well.


As the news about Tennis Clash highlights, Gucci is certainly a brand that seems to have its finger on the pulse when it comes to the possibilities of mobile technology.

The official Gucci app includes features like wallpapers and stickers, as well as information on the inspirations behind the latest collections. The Google Play Store listing also reveals that a number of games can be accessed via the Gucci Arcade, while AR features allow you to try on products including footwear and hats.


Burberry is another high-quality brand that has taken the leap and launched a mobile app. The official site explains how the software has a big emphasis on personalisation, with users being able to access recommendations and also browse some ‘curated style stories’.

People can add items to wishlists and share some of their latest discoveries with friends too, while the checkout supports modern payment methods including Apple Pay.


You can discover how some of Chanel’s incredible creations come to life by downloading the brand’s official app. Its Google Play listing details how it includes videos and photos which offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the organisation, while a range of collections are also showcased too.

This app is another which includes a wishlist function, while you can also get closer to the brand’s products by enjoying a detailed view of everything from shoes to bags.

Discover more about the biggest names

Mobile phones and tablets are a huge part of our lives these days, so it makes perfect sense that some of the most famous brands on the planet have been looking at how to get involved in the area.

These apps are a great starting point for discovering more about some of the incredible work being undertaken by the biggest names, so get downloading and see what you can find out today.