The Fresh Prince parties in Mayfair

If you’re a regular YouTube user, you may have noticed the growing popularity of a certain Will Smith video, featuring some very special guests. Will was a guest on a recent filming of the Graham Norton Show. He decided to bring along his son Jaden and fellow actor Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton to Fresh Prince fans), for an all singing, all dancing, all rapping 90s extravaganza.

An occasion to celebrate.

The clip was viewed more than 5 million times in just one day. At the time of writing, has amassed more than 13.5 million total views so far. Of course, this is an occasion to celebrate, and as the go-to London destination of all A-list celebrities. It isno surprise that Will and his entourage chose an evening out in the prestigious district of Mayfair to mark their success.

A range of delicious traditional cuisine.

The group started their night in Cantonese restaurant Hakkasan on Bruton Street. A unique offering which serves a range of delicious traditional cuisine including Peking duck with Royal Beluga caviar. Roasted silver cod, and stir-fry lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb. Then moving on to fashionable hotspot Boujis to support Trey. Will’s eldest son was DJ-ing at the club. Joined by a number of famous guests, including Disney starlet Selena Gomez and musicians Rita Ora and Calvin Harris.

A spot of celebrity spotting.

They were spotted eating, drinking and dancing the night away. So if you want to party like the Fresh Prince, or just want to do a spot of celebrity spotting. Why not make Mayfair the destination for your next night out.