The Best Ways to Entertain Yourself Online

Do you find it difficult to fill your free time? If boredom is getting you down and you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself online, fear not – the internet is home to a million and one distractions, all available at your fingertips! Here’s a quick rundown of some of our suggested ways to keep yourself busy, have a little fun and maybe even learn something new the next time you’re surfing the web without a destination in mind.

Play online games

Gone are the days when indulging in a little gambling would involve a visit to your local casino or bookmakers. Nowadays, you can visit any number of online casinos and see if Lady Luck is on your side. Even if you’d rather not wager your own money, you can visit sites like and take advantage of the free spins to see how you like a particular game before visiting a paid site. With an extensive range of slots, table games and video options to choose from, the internet is your gaming and gambling oyster.

Socialise with social media

Boredom often stems from loneliness, so what better way to banish it than by socialising online? Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are hugely popular places to interact with existing friends and make new ones, sharing videos, photos and memes within your network. Succumb to the scroll and spend a lazy hour or two catching up on everything you’ve missed while you were offline.

Listen to music

Did you know that listening to music releases a chemical in the brain that helps to make you feel good? According to a recent study, those people who listened to music they enjoyed had 9% higher levels of dopamine in their brain, which is unlocked when they’re in a good mood. Some immediate catalysts of dopamine release include money and food, while less obvious ones are being in love and listening to music. So log on to Spotify, Pandora or your preferred streaming platform and raise your mood!

Indulge in retail therapy

Speaking of dopamine, another activity that has been found to improve moods in the past is shopping. Today, the online retail market is catching up with its brick-and-mortar counterpart, with literally thousands of outlets online to choose from. Whether you prefer browsing the high-end boutiques for the next must-have item or trawling through second-hand sites for an unmissable bargain, shopping online is a great way to keep yourself entertained – and give you a head start on your Christmas list, too.

Write a blog

Get in touch with your creative side by launching your own website! A blog is a fun way to communicate your thoughts, feelings and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Whether you like to review films, discuss politics or document your own experiences, an online blog can be a superb stress outlet and a method of raising your exposure among the internet community. If your stuff strikes a chord with your audience, you could even go viral and become an influencer!