The best places to visit in Mayfair

Mayfair is an elegant and luxurious district in central London. It can be found within London’s City of Westminster, close to Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and the West End.

In other words, its location is truly ideal, as it is within walking-distance of many world-famous sights, streets and activities. Houses in Mayfair are known for their elegant and aesthetically pleasing Georgian architecture.

As we shall explore in this article, there are many wonderful places to visit in Mayfair. The district is known for its luxurious shops, excellent restaurants, exclusive hotels, unique art galleries and traditional pubs.

Where to go and what to do in Mayfair

The following list will include some of the best places to visit in Mayfair. Readers should note that this list is non-exhaustive and that the following places are listed in no particular order.

  • Mayfair’s gardens and squares

If the weather allows for it, you can take a stroll through Mayfair’s beautiful gardens and squares. You can also grab a drink from a nearby independent coffee shop and enjoy your drink on an outdoor bench.

Some of the loveliest squares in Mayfair include Berkeley Square, Grosvenor Square and Mount Street Gardens. For the biggest and most impressive gardens near Mayfair, head to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Green Park.

During wintertime, visitors can even go ice skating near Mayfair at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland Ice Rink.

  • Shopping in Mayfair

Finding the best shopping street in Mayfair will depend on your budget. In the district, there are many different shops for clients of all walks of life.

For those who have a limited budget, Oxford Street is the best shopping place. On this busy and famous street, buyers will find affordable brands like Primark, Zara, Tk Maxx, H&M and Uniqlo.

However, Oxford Street also has some high-end shops for those who have a larger budget. Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga also have venues on the famous street.

For those with a much larger budget, or those who enjoy window shopping and strolling through luxurious neighbourhoods, then exploring Old Bond Street is a must.

The street is known for its high-end shops and designer brands. Shoppers will find Saint-Laurent, MaxMara, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Gucci, and Valentino venues, among others.

For those who are particularly fond of jewellery and watches, they will not be disappointed by the shopping options on Old Bond Street. Shops include Cartier, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Richard Mille and De Beers Jewellers. 

The Old Bond Street is connected to the New Bond Street. Shoppers will find New Bond Street simply by walking up Old Bond Street.

On New Bond Street, the luxury brands continue. Shoppers will find Ralph Lauren, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chopard and Bulgari venues, among others.

Next to Old Bond Street is the Royal Arcade which is worth a visit. It is one of the oldest shopping arcades in the city.

Built in 1879, the shopping arcade is lined with ionic columns. It is very elegant with small, luxurious boutiques alit with the warm glow of lampposts.

Those who enjoy visiting shopping arcades will also like the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. It is also one of the oldest arcades as it dates back from the 19th century.

For those who cannot afford to buy anything in these stores, the street itself is worth a visit for its historic buildings, eye-catching window displays and iconic shopping arcades.

Other nice shopping places to visit in Mayfair include:

  • Regents Street (one of the most famous streets in London)
  • South Molton Street
  • Mount Street Boutiques
  • Savile Row Street
  • Shepherd Market

Again, these shopping places will depend on your budget. Buyers can easily walk from one spot to the next in the district of Mayfair. 

  • Cultural events and venues in Mayfair

There are some famous cultural venues in Mayfair with excellent exhibitions and cultural events. Mayfair is also very close to the West End known for its incredible musicals and theatre shows.

For those who enjoy entertainment venues, there are also casinos close to Mayfair that can be visited. Of course, casinos are also easy to access online.

For example, players can immediately start playing a slot machine game online at Rainbow Riches Casino.

One of the most famous cultural venues to visit in Mayfair is undoubtedly the Royal Institution. It is known for its science focused activities and tours, insight into the research that the institution has funded and an 1850s laboratory.

That 19th century laboratory is then compared to a modern nanotechnology lab to highlight the differences between modern scientific research and technology and that of the time.

After the Royal Institution, you can walk to the Royal Academy of Arts. It is only a five-minute walk.

In the Royal Academy of Arts, visitors will find exhibitions and summer shows.

Pace Gallery is also worth a detour and is conveniently located near the Royal Academy of Arts. It is considered to be one of the most influential modern and contemporary art galleries in the city.

The gallery sells artworks by many renowned artists including Hockney, Picasso and Rothko.

Other famous cultural venues in Mayfair or near Mayfair include:

  • Apsley House, which is a museum in the Georgian house of the Iron Duke. It includes a fine art collection and a Canova statue of Napoleon
  • Halcyon Gallery
  • Gagosian Gallery

Final thoughts

In this article, we discussed some of the top places to visit in Mayfair, London. Of course, choosing what you wish to visit in Mayfair will depend on your budget and your own preferences. These are just a few recommendations. You can also choose to explore Mayfair without a map to discover new and hidden places.