3 Tips for Choosing a CBD Vaping Device

Technology is a key part of the CBD trend. Not only are the methods used to produce and distribute CBD becoming more sophisticated, but the approaches used to consume the substance are evolving as well. Vaping devices, for example, have come a long way since the days of bulky homemade mods.

Today, if you are looking for a device to vape CBD with, you’ll be faced with a large number of options and questions to answer. Should you buy a refillable device or a disposable one? Can you vape CBD oil? How much should you spend?

If you’re a beginner lost in the sea of potential devices, here are some tips that can help you find your bearings.

Don’t invest too much

One of the first questions you’ll have to answer when looking for a CBD vaping device is how much money you are willing to spend. Not every expensive vaping device is worth the cost, but some features are worth paying for. High-end vaping devices are more intelligent. They come packed with chipsets, digital displays, and plenty of safety and customization options to make vaping more convenient.

That said, a lot of those bonus features are lost on a beginner. On top of that, expensive vaping devices usually require more maintenance and care than cheaper alternatives, and the higher price tag means that you’ll feel a lot worse if you damage the device. If you are just starting out, cheaper is better.

Refillable or disposable?

Vaping devices work by turning e-liquid into vapour. Refillable vape pens have removable containers, which allow you to replace the e-liquid when it runs out. Disposable vape pens, however, come charged with a liquid from the factory, and when that runs out, the pen is useless. There is no way to recharge it without getting creative with some tools.

In the long run, using refillable vape pens is more cost-effective. But if you never vaped before, or don’t mind paying extra, you should give disposable pens a try. They save you the trouble of having to refill the device or clean it, and you can buy pens that come preloaded with CBD e-liquid.

Get the right liquid


Instead, you need to shop specifically for CBD e-liquids, which are safe to be inhaled. The good news is that, while you can’t inhale CBD oil, ingesting CBD e-liquids is generally safe. Meaning that, in theory, you can place a few drops of the e-liquid under your tongue or on your morning coffee as you go about your day — check the product’s label to make sure it’s safe before you try doing that. If you are new to CBD and would like to learn more about how CBD works, you should check out this Cibdol guide.