The Best Cultural Places for Kids to Visit in England

If you are concerned about developing your kid’s interest in the history and culture of England, then we have got your back. With a gazillion of places to visit, it becomes a bit difficult to plan an entertaining holiday trip that can be constructive for the kids as well. There is a deluge of jaw-dropping cultural attractions in England which can help in keeping kids aware of the cultural heritage of the country. As culture is something that must be passed on to the next generation to keep the ethnic and cultural values of society alive.   

Here is a list of the best cultural places that will make your kids’ holidays not only fun but also educational and productive.  

The Tower of London

There is this one saying that one can learn more about England’s history at the Tower of London from beefeaters than a week spent at school. The Tower of London having almost a thousand years of history was started by William the Conquerer back in 1066.  The tower has been used as a zoo, prison, royal residence, and for defense purposes. Koh-i-Noor diamond (the world’s largest cut diamond) is also present at the Tower of London. At present, it is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kids will be astonished to see the crown jewels and listen to the prince’s stories. 

Alnwick Castle

Unfortunately, a visit to realistic Hogwarts is improbable but Alnwick Castle is for sure second to none. It has been used in the Harry Potter film series for filming different scenes.  Time and again Alnwick has been a place to depict its magical cultural heritage by conducting different events including the most famous broomstick training event. Those schools or parents who want their kid’s historical knowledge to be more pragmatic should plan a trip to this castle to explore towers and staterooms which are the product of the renaissance era. 

Sea City Museum

A museum which is located in Southampton, a city in England. This museum is a marvelous representation of the city’s connection with the maritime history of the Britains. The Sea city museum was opened in 2012 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, a passenger line that departed in 1912 from Southampton city but later sank in the same year in the Atlantic ocean. The sea city museum is a place that fascinates kids to discover the titanic story. The cruise from Southampton with all inclusive packages and necessities still provides an opportunity for travelers to explore nature.  

Old Town and Bargate

It is a place that stands amongst the most loved places for those kids who have a thing for military or architectural building sites. It is located in Southampton and consists of town walls that have a series of defensive structures encircling the town. And the Bargate represents the main entrance of the primitive town. This place has also fascinated many significant figures from time to time including Henry V, William Shakespeare, and Jane Austen, to mention a few.  

5. Dover Castle

Since the 11th century, Dover Castle England’s largest castle situated on the English Channel has served a defensive purpose. At present, this far-reaching castle not only presents a breathtaking sight of the English Channel but might also help spot France provided the day is clear. This place is also filled with covert bunkers along with towers to explore. 


Stonehenge is an ancient monument constructed around 3000 B.C. It consists of a loop of vertical stones. The stones are massively giant with a greyish-white appearance. It is one of the most distinct monuments which is situated on Salisbury Plain, England.

Castle Howard

Castle Howard is one of the historic places having thousands of acres of wide parkland containing statutes, lakes, fountains, and many other objects. The architectural details of the castle make it distinct from the rest. This castle took almost a hundred years to complete. Even back in time it also had its own railway station. Currently, it is a privately owned public place that welcomes visitors from every place and also hosts different events during the whole year. Besides that, it is also home to two adventure playgrounds that excite the kids.