Home Fragrances for Luxury and Style  

A little play on words, candle and my name, Candalia was always a dream of mine. Inspired by my love of travel, fragrance and design, the idea came into fruition in 2019 when I was on holiday in Dubai. I already had the vision of the brand logo and the simple, timeless aesthetic of the product and dreamt that I could create scents with the highest degree of luxury and 100% natural wax.

Through months of work with our team I could see my aspirations come to life. Candalia is now a growing collection of beautiful gifting products that a touch of simple elegance to every home. They are luxurious fragrances that enable everyone to enjoy mindful moments of dreamy escapes.

This was actually an inspiration behind my scents, I have always been passionate about fragrance memories. Imagine choosing a specific perfume to take with you on holiday and wearing it every day. You are linking the memories and emotions of those days with the fragrance. There is nothing better than putting it on weeks after you return home and having all of those fond memories come rushing back.

I have always appreciated beauty and have a true passion for home décor, interiors, design and fashion and aspired to create a home fragrance collection complimenting a room exuding luxury and style. I wanted everything to be unique so each fragrance has a distinctive composition, a mix of flowery, fruity and earthy tones. Alongside this, I wanted the fragrances to represent a sophisticated and effortless lifestyle. Each scent tells a story that I hold dear to my heart and it gives me great pleasure to introduce a few of my favourites.

As the idea to start Candalia stemmed whilst I was in Dubai, it is fitting that one of our first fragrances was Oud Rose.

Oud Rose

Inspired by the exotic desert landscape and mystique of the Middle East, the Oud Rose fragrance will take you on a luxurious adventure without leaving the comfort of your home. Infused with aromatic spices, it has notes of Persian rose balanced by earthy cedarwood and warm amber – the perfect dream. Discover Arabian nights with Oud Rose.

I wanted my brand to be more than just home fragrances, I wanted to highlight the importance of wellness, well-being and giving yourself time to reset. This was the inspiration behind Soie Lavande.

Soie Lavande

With the hectic pace of modern life, it is essential to prioritise mindful moments of a good self-care routine – Soie Lavande was created to help you do just that.

Let notes of calming lavender, fresh lily of the valley and earthy white tea wash over you as you instantly feel your mind and body relax. Want to enjoy pure relaxation? Come take a stroll in our lavender fields.

As well as my scent obsession, we love to travel. One of our family traditions is to make sure we take time to go on a holiday together so we can connect as a family. This is one of our highlights during summer and Fleur D’Oranger always brings back these beautiful memories.

Fleur D’Oranger

Our Fleur D’oranger fragrance leads you through a sun-drenched citrus grove, with a bounty of fresh fruits ripe for the picking. It has notes of floral orange blossom balanced by fragrant rosemary and basil, plus the addition of musk for a smooth finish. This uplifting scent will brighten your home (and mood) no matter the season. Join us on a sun kissed summer and wander through orange groves.

Although I was born and raised in London, my family and I moved out to the countryside for a sense of calm. Pear & Freesia reminds us to enjoy more of an open leafy green space, closeness to nature and a calmer and peaceful pace of life.

Pear and Freesia

Our Pear & Freesia candle will transport you to a lush, abundant garden situated in England’s quaint countryside, surrounded by acres of sprawling woodland. The inviting aroma is blended with balanced notes of citrusy grapefruit, earthy musk and woody patchouli that will brighten up any day. Light it to instantly add a touch of warmth and charm to your home. Transport yourself to a botanical dream.

Aside from these four, we also have Tonka Bean, Pomegranate & Pink Pepper, Spring Bouquet and Oud Bois de Santal which all have stories behind them too. Let me know if you would like to know more…

At Candalia, we are always working on developing new fragrances and continuous improvements on our current scents. I am so grateful to have come so far in being able to create these beautiful products that I can share with the world.

You can find our whole collection here, fill your home with luxurious, sustainable home fragrances and enjoy your mindful moments with Candalia. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.