Road to Riches: Gambling and Traveling Australia

Gambling tourism is a rapidly growing industry. People love to incorporate casino visits into their trips. Tourist sites include the offer in their presentations. You can find a lot of online info on the topic. Generally, tourism is no longer linked to just history and culture but encompasses a plethora of potential interests. While the US is still the leading name when it comes to the gambling tourism industry’s yearly revenue, Australia is a strong contender, slowly climbing the ladder of success for specific reasons we will discuss later in the text.

Are you planning a trip to the land of the wondrous Wizard of Oz? If the answer is yes, and you also happen to be an enthusiastic gambler, you’ve come to the right place. Read this article to get acquainted with the best gambling tourist locations in the country, the old as well as the new online casinos Australia 2024, and the significant tips and tricks that will help you make the best of your exotic casino trip. Pack your bags and let the adventure begin!

Gambling Tourism: An Overview

Why is the gambling industry on the rise? It is difficult to give a straightforward answer. The activity has always been alluring, and here are the potential reasons behind its attractive and naughty reputation.


We are drawn to excitement and high stakes. Not surprisingly, games with a huge win-or-lose aspect, especially if there is money involved, make us feel the feels.


The myth of ill or good luck has been a part of our storytelling for centuries. Needless to say, this fascinating superstition surrounding a mythical force that decides our outcomes in life is still alive and kicking.


With the rise of online casinos, gambling has become more accessible and private, so people from anywhere in the world can join the ride without having to leave their room.


Historically, gambling has been mostly viewed as a notorious, illegal activity. There are still heavy regulations concerning betting, and not all countries are on the same page. However, the situation is no longer so dire. Gambling, to a certain point, has been normalised, and this encouraged people to indulge in it more openly.

The Foreign Flair

But what is the allure of gambling while travelling? Maybe the concept of exoticity. People are more likely to try new things on a vacation. When in a foreign land, it is easier to convince them to do even some things they would never consider in their everyday life. The world around them is so outlandish that they perceive themselves as equally unusual. Also, the heavy stress of daily obligations is lifted during holidays, and relaxed people are more open-minded and playful.

Why Australia?

Australia charges no taxes on gambling winnings and has a relaxed attitude about gambling. This results in a high percentage of gamblers. Playing is popularised and accessible through free pokies. The word refers to a poker machine, particularly slots. Taking into account that everyone and their grandmother have been initiated into the world of gambling through those devices, it is hardly a surprise Australia would be the top destination for gambling tourism.

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Now that we have somewhat established what makes gambling so attractive, especially during trips abroad, let’s focus on the exciting locations that are waiting for you in Australia.

The Best Gambling Tourist Destinations in Australia

Wherever you go, you can expect some amazing casinos on your way. China, the US, and, of course, Australia are rising stars of gambling tourism. It is estimated that over 10 million tourists visit Australia for gambling within a year.

As you will see below, Australian casinos are not just casinos but resorts, with a rich offer of food, drink, music, nightlife, recreation, theatres, dancing rooms, and accommodations. With such a repertoire, it is no wonder the luxurious combination attracts many, especially wealthy clientele. Also, in Australia, gambling wins are tax-free. The fact is enticing to many gamblers all over the world. Now, let’s get to the specifics. Here are some of the most well-known Australian gambling destinations.

Crown Casino Melbourne

The name probably rings a bell. We are talking about the most popular Australian casino resort that draws millions of visitors. It is a luxury resort with many entertainment options alongside the classy, glamorous casino. When in Melbourne, visit the Crown.

The Star Casino, Sydney

The second casino resort on our list is more than worthy of rivalling the first. With a dazzling facade, plenty of games, luxurious settings, and a rich tourist offer, The Star Casino is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience a luxurious gambling environment.

Crown Perth

Travelling to Perth? Another crown waits for you there. Just like the other two, it is more than a casino. You can stay at fancy hotels, dine in restaurants, listen to music in a concert hall or visit a spa. The fact that casinos are incorporated into a full vacation offer with many other options enhances the industry. One cannot gamble the whole day, so people must find other distractions.

Not a fan of luxurious resorts? No problem. There are many ordinary casinos and other gambling options you can find along the way. Australia is a country so fond of gambling that it openly promotes it.

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The Most Popular Gambling Games in Australia


This game is almost a metaphor for a casino since it is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of the concept of gambling. Being so iconic, it can’t be anything but super popular.


The simplicity is what makes Blackjack a hit. You can easily learn the rules, and you don’t need to be a seasoned gambler to thrive.


There is something about the music, lights, and rolling symbols guided by the hand of luck that people can’t resist.

Tourism and Gambling, Australia’s Economic Strategy

The country has cleverly used its lenient gambling attitude to promote overall tourism. Yes, people come to gamble, but also eat, drink, go sightseeing, listen to local concerts, exercise, go on cruises, and enjoy the beaches. They sleep in hotels, hire cars, and buy souvenirs. They do everything a regular tourist does with the inclusion of gambling. The strategy of positioning the casinos near other facilities is a smart choice that benefits the tourism sector in general. The booming resorts create job openings for the local population, and the income tax contributes to the country.

Tips for the Trip

Maybe you have never gambled, but you are on vacation, and the hotel has free pokie machines that tempt you. Or you love gambling and go somewhere specifically to spend a lot of money on gambling and pampering yourself. In both cases, you could benefit from simple tips.

Ensure Access

Whether you gamble online or want to visit a luxurious live casino, make sure you can access what you need in a certain location. Australian resorts are a perfect example of a mixture of standard luxurious tourism and gambling. Even if that is a far cry from your needs or possibilities, you can still explore the location beforehand and mark the places you wish to visit. Or, if online, check if the same rules apply. There are some differences in rules and regulations between locations. However, if Australia is your goal, you’ll probably be fine.

Safety First

Transfers, passwords, electronic devices, cash. All those things can be lost, especially in a foreign country. Gamble on, but keep your assets as safe as possible.

Be Creative with the Budget

If you don’t have a sufficient sum for gambling, there are ways to save on something else. Whether it is a travel discount, bonus, flight dates or accommodations, you don’t have to be wealthy to participate in this type of tourism, but in that case, there will be some different strategies involved in your trip and gambling plan.


Australia’s attitude and lenient regulations, as well as the tax-free casino winnings, made it a top location for gamblers worldwide. Recognizing this potential, the country has built a whole touristic scheme around the casino, including resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities to keep the guests occupied and spending. The country’s gambling industry is heavily on the rise, creating many new opportunities, while gambling travellers keep coming to this exotic, fun-loving location to try their luck. It is impossible to fully predict the future trends of the industry, but it is safe to say it is probably here to stay.

If you are interested in a gambling vacation, all you need is a solid plan, a sustainable budget and an adventurous spirit. Even if you have never gambled before, perhaps you will feel the need to try. After all, what are vacations for?

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