20 Travel Tech Tips & Etiquette for the Modern Traveler

Travelling has evolved with the advent of technology, making it more convenient and enjoyable. However, with these advancements comes the need for tech etiquette to ensure a pleasant experience. As we delve into the various tips and guidelines, it’s crucial for tech-savvy travellers, especially those using Linux, to consider the importance of security when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Using a VPN for Linux device can protect your online activities from prying eyes, ensuring that your personal information remains secure, regardless of where your travels may take you. Here are 20 travel tech tips and etiquette guidelines every modern traveller should know.

Tech Packing and Protection

Choose the Right Bag: Invest in a high-quality travel bag with compartments for all your tech gadgets. Bags like Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger are ideal for organizing your devices.

Dedicated Spaces: Keep your tech away from liquids using separate pouches or bags. This minimizes the risk of damage from spills.

Screen Protectors: Applying a screen protector to your smartphone can save it from cracks and scratches, keeping it in prime condition throughout your travels.

Insurance: Consider purchasing insurance for your devices to cover accidental damages. AppleCare and SquareTrade are excellent options for peace of mind.

Extreme Temperatures: Protect your devices from extreme heat by using light-coloured cases and keeping them in the shade, and protect them from the cold by limiting their use in freezing temperatures.

Fixing Tech on the Go

Water Damage: If your phone gets wet, turn it off immediately and place it in a bag of rice for 48 hours to draw out the moisture.

Cracked Screens: Use clear packing tape as a temporary fix for minor cracks. Keep the device in a plastic bag for shattered screens until you can get it repaired.

Overheating: Turn off background applications or the device to cool it down. Removing the case can also help dissipate heat more effectively.

Tech for Travel Planning and Enjoyment

Use Travel Apps: Leverage travel planning apps like Google Flights for booking flights and Airbnb or VRBO for accommodations. These apps can streamline your planning process and often lead to savings.

Stay Charged: Carry a portable charger or power bank to power up your devices during long travel days. This is especially crucial for smartphones used for navigation and boarding passes.

Entertainment Downloads: Assume that Wi-Fi will be spotty or unavailable. Download movies, shows, or books on your devices in advance to keep entertained during flights or layovers.

Language Tools: Apps like Google Translate or Duolingo can be lifesavers in non-English speaking countries. Use them to navigate menus, signs, and basic conversations.

Etiquette for Tech Use in Transit

Headphone Use: Always use headphones when watching media or listening to music in public spaces. This simple act of courtesy ensures that your entertainment doesn’t become a nuisance to others.

Screen Brightness: Keep your device’s brightness low in dark environments, such as nighttime flights, to avoid disturbing fellow passengers.

Power Outlet Sharing: If using a public charging station, be mindful of how long you occupy outlets. Consider carrying a power splitter to share access with others.

Post-Travel Tech Tips

Backup Your Memories: Make sure to backup photos and videos from your trip. Cloud storage services can ensure your memories are safe, even if your device is lost or damaged.

Clean Your Devices: After your travels, take the time to clean your devices. Dust and debris can accumulate, especially in ports and cases.

Review and Organize: Go through your photos and notes to organize them. Apps like Day One for journaling or Capcut for video editing can help you create beautiful recaps of your adventures.

General Travel Tech Courtesy

Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Be mindful of the people around you when capturing photos or videos. Not everyone appreciates being included in your personal memories or social media posts.

Respect Privacy and Space: Whether using a tablet on the plane or taking a phone call in a shared space, always be conscious of the volume and nature of your content. Choose appropriate material and keep conversations private.

By following these travel tech tips and etiquette, you can ensure that your adventures are enjoyable and considerate of those around you. Technology has the power to enhance your travel experiences, but it’s essential to use it wisely and respectfully.