Personal Deposit Limits for UK Players: The First steps

The UK is a major gambling hub across the world, with legalized gambling of casinos, lotteries, betting, bingo, and iGaming available. Britain is estimated to have almost 2.1 million customers, raising a gross gambling yield (GGY) to 5.89billion pounds in 2020 itself. Further, the nation also employs more than 85 thousand employees who work in the gambling sector.

With online gambling at the fingertips, problem gambling has taken a toll in Great Britain, contributing to over 600,000 problem gamblers, ranging mostly between the ages 18-50. Problem gambling and gambling addiction are a bane upon society and self. It causes stress, anxiety, mental health issues, and in certain cases loss of both life and property. To keep a check upon gambling addiction, the UKGC introduced GamStop primarily. Besides availing the functionality of GamStop across all UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) licensed casinos, several casino firms are also coming up with the incentives of deposit limits to ensure responsible gambling. 

A personal deposit limit ensures a gambler pre-set a budget before playing, so that money from the personal bank account can have no chances of losses. Some UK punters are wondering how to cancel or remove GamStop as described by and these deposit limits can make a significant input into responsible gambling. Moreover, after depleting the amount, the gambler can stop playing. Thus, this keeps a check on problem gambling. Besides maintaining the strict budget system, personal deposit limits also help the user to keep aside the funding for gambling separately, and not use the money for other bills, etc. Several online casinos, such as LeoVegas are coming up with the incentives of personal data limits to ensure responsible gambling.

LeoVegas is a top online casino, which provides both online slots, and live casino games. It has paired up with several popular gaming providers such as NetEnt, IGT, NextGen Microgaming to yield upon a wide range of classic roulettes, bingos, monopoly, live casinos, etc. 

LeoVegas Implement Personal Deposit Limits

LeoVegas has been a trusted online casino since 2013, where all the games available are RNG tested to check randomness and are protected by encryption technology. Besides holding the UKGC license, it also holds licenses of the Malta Gaming agency, Ireland, and Denmark. LeoVegas has always been vocal about their latest developments on the market, and the safety of the customer. Their basic strategy has been “Mobile First”, which clearly indicates that all the latest product developments, as well as technical inputs, are focussed on mobile devices, and product enhancements. LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group Comes with a tonne of global brands, with a key focus on customer interaction. All the services of the brands are designed in a way that a potential customer holds a view on gaming and entertainment. 

Recently, the LeoVegas Group has come up with a feature of personal deposit limits to encourage safer gambling practices, and improve regular checks on their trusted customers. This feature makes use of a third-party data system, along with a prediction model, which accounts for proprietary risk. The UK players would then be allowed to set up a personal deposit limit when they make their first deposit, which would be further re-evaluated continually by using the latest available data.


The LeoVegas website also offers an AI-messaging platform, which allows all UK users to access newer and safer gambling tools to strengthen the gambling facilities. Keep an eye out on for the latest info, personalized deposit limits, and affordability checks. 

Registering with the personal deposit limit is highly simple, as the customer needs to log into the game lobby, read the game rules, and set up the deposit limit, bet limit, loss limit, etc. before they start spinning their favourite games.

The Step Towards Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is often defined as gambling for entertainment purposes only, without having direct implications for life. Recent evidence reveals that the pre-commitment tools, such as deposit limits, play limit, loss limit, and bet limits are often seen as the stepping stones towards responsible gambling practices. Not only does it keep a check upon gambling addiction, but also helps protect finances. 

Another step towards responsible gambling could be registering with the GamStop, which is a self-exclusion software, or software that prevents indulgence of gambling at any UKGC-licensed casinos for a period of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Both these processes ensure judicious use of the finances and keep a check on the budget framing of the user.


LeoVegas indeed opted for a very responsible task by introducing the personal deposit limit feature. But, it is also the responsibility of the players to keep a check upon themselves for the effective functionality of the methods. Some might go on to the extent that these are the very first steps towards responsible gambling. For a country like the UK, which suffers from the greatest number of gambling addicts, personal deposits are a boon where one’s means of gambling gets blocked after a certain period.