To Go On a Cruise in America you Need an ESTA

Cruise in America

Now that everyone is thinking about travelling again, many are excited to get back to cruises. One of the most popular cruises is to travel down the East Coast of the USA. The journey from north to south through different climate zones has a lot to offer but also needs to be prepared, for example […]

Personal Deposit Limits for UK Players: The First steps

Personal Deposit Limits

The UK is a major gambling hub across the world, with legalized gambling of casinos, lotteries, betting, bingo, and iGaming available. Britain is estimated to have almost 2.1 million customers, raising a gross gambling yield (GGY) to 5.89billion pounds in 2020 itself. Further, the nation also employs more than 85 thousand employees who work in […]

The Concerns Behind UKGC Gambling Act Review

UKGC Gambling Act

In hindsight, the United Kingdom gambling industry was most likely erroneously optimistic about the outcome of the government’s legislative framework review all throughout the summer. Fears of considerably harsher regulations regarding affordability, as well as talk of potentially devastating spending limits, seemed to diminish as then minister John Whittingdale appeared to be casting a kindly […]

How to Increase the Winning Odds in Casinos

Winning Odds

Everyone has at least once dreamt about winning a life-changing amount of money and spent this winning in their imagination. Playing in casinos, online or offline, is one of the ways to make this dream come true. So, how to gamble on the Internet to increase the odds of winning? Let us try to figure […]