Magic and mayhem on Albermarle Street

The district of Mayfair is always a magical place to be, but there will be an extra touch of enchantment in the air this summer as The Card Shark Show arrives at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on Albermarle Street.

The Magician Demonstrates a Range of Card Tricks

The show is the brainchild of magician Steve Truglia, who uses close up magic to demonstrate a range of card tricks. He has cheated and scammed throughout history, including moves from Medieval Witchcraft. The Wild West and 1930s gangsters. The influence they’ve had on modern magic and trickery in the present day.

Interactive Multimedia Show.

Combining film, images and music to delight and excite his audience. Steve immerses his viewers in an interactive multimedia show that will have them scratching their heads for weeks to come. The residents of Mayfair are snapping up tickets fast in a bid to be a part of this exciting event.

Royal Institution of Great Britain.

The Card Shark Show will be in residence at the Royal Institution of Great Britain from 9th-23rd August. It is guaranteed to be a fascinating and fun-filled evening out for all ages. To secure your seat and learn the magical secrets behind some of history’s greatest tricks and illusions, call 020 7409 2992.


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