Beauty & Hair Salons


Beauty & Hair Salons

Finding a beauty treatment or booking an appointment at hair salons in Mayfair London has never been easier. Our list of prestigious aesthetic clinics, hairdressers, beauty salons, nail salons and day-spas; is a blend of West-End tradition to create the ultimate variety of beauty treatments for your choice.

Cosmetic treatments, skincare, dermatology treatments, and surgical and non-surgical treatments in London’s most prestigious and well-known clinics.

Mayfair London also provides the finest list of hair salons in the West-end with staff delivering incredible haircuts, colouring services and treatments; some of these luxury hair salons are frequented by artists from TV, Movies and even royals’ personalities.

Whether it’s the traditional elegance or the meticulously styled salon, stunning hairstyles await you; explore our curated list of hair salons near you.