Pearl Necklace Collection

Mikimoto is a jewellery shop in Mayfair, located on New Bond Street. Kokichi Mikimoto has been providing only the highest quality cultivated pearls since 1893. Every buyer receives only the finest gems and pearl jewellery thanks to Mikimoto’s sorting process and unique grading system. Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in making the world’s first cultured pearl and finest pearl jewellery, and you are cordially invited to browse the striking collection!

This elegant jewellery shop is debuting in the perfume market with Mikimoto Eau de Parfum, with an aromatic reflection of the brand’s narrative.
This enticing and distinctive perfume is inspired by Japan’s gorgeous, natural, and cultural legacy, the majestic presence of the sea, from which pearls are harvested, and verdant woods. It’s a classic, gender-neutral fragrance that smells like pearl jewellery and has broad appeal.


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