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Mikimoto, a name synonymous with unparalleled quality in the world of pearl jewellery, has been a beacon of luxury in Mayfair, London, since 1893. Nestled on New Bond Street, this esteemed establishment is more than just a jewellery shop; it’s a realm where elegance and history intertwine. Upon stepping into Mikimoto, visitors are greeted with an array of the world’s finest cultured pearls, each selected through a meticulous sorting process and graded for its superior quality. The founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, not only pioneered the cultivation of pearls but also set a global standard for pearl jewellery.

Inside this Mayfair gem, one can explore a rich collection that ranges from classic pearl necklaces to contemporary designs, all echoing the sophistication of this historic area. The store’s décor, as timeless as its offerings, complements the elegance of each piece. Here, every visitor embarks on a unique journey, discovering pearls that are not just jewels, but symbols of perfection and grace.

Innovating Beyond Jewellery

Mikimoto’s legacy, however, extends beyond jewellery. The brand has recently ventured into the fragrance world, introducing the Mikimoto Eau de Parfum. This perfume is a reflection of the brand’s narrative, drawing inspiration from Japan’s rich natural and cultural heritage. The scent, evocative of the majestic sea and verdant woods, offers an aromatic experience that parallels the beauty of Mikimoto’s pearls. It is a gender-neutral fragrance, capturing the essence of pearl jewellery in a scent, appealing to a broad audience and adding another dimension to the Mikimoto experience in Mayfair.

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