Jeeves of Mayfair: a professional dry cleaning service

Those requiring a professional and attentive dry cleaning service in Mayfair will be well-catered for when they enlist the services of Jeeves of Mayfair.

Jeeves of Mayfair is a professional dry cleaners that have been established in the area for more than 40 years. During that time, it has served many of the most prominent and influential figures in Mayfair – as well as the ordinary men and women who make up its busy workforce. Jeeves of Mayfair’s staff treat all of their customers like royalty, however, and make providing a first-class service with their goal.

Their cleaning process involves seven stages of scrutiny and inspection and takes four days to complete. All special buttons, beading and jewellery are removed or covered before cleaning and later restitched, ensuring that your garment remains unspoiled in every way.

It’s not just clothing that Jeeves in Mayfair specialises in cleaning. They also clean curtains and carpets; suede and leather and couture. There are other services on offer, too: laundry, including shirt laundering; alterations; storage and the repair of shoes, luggage and soft toys. You can even employ Jeeves of Mayfair to spring clean your entire house!

If you live within Jeeves of Mayfair’s delivery area, then its staff will also collect your garments from you and deliver them back to you without charge.