Ideas for a fun party

To celebrate a birthday or just another successful year of your life you want to remember with warmth for a long time. That means that everything should be organized with zest and soul. To make the holiday remembered by all participants – for you a selection of ideas for themed parties. Choose and implement your favorite one or use them as references.

What kind of parties are there?

Conventionally, themes can be divided into pop culture (movies, animation), “nostalgic” – the theme of the graduation party, historical (to celebrate the holiday in the style of the great Gatsby or the 90’s) and stylistic trends (steampunk, noir) and so on. 

If something turns out to be able to play with the help of decoration and clothing – it can become the basis for a themed party.

In the style of the 80’s

Do you like the TV series “Strange Things” or retro wave? Then an 80s style party is the way to go! In the design you can use posters, cassette recorders, disco paraphernalia and bright plastic decorations.The most important thing at the party is the right music. It can be both pop legends and rock hits of the time.


A Casino Royale style party is the epicenter of gambling fun and glamor. Wine, whiskey casino, poker and mafia tables, the right decor, food and music will create the right atmosphere! Have a real adult entertainment city. Evening outfits and classic suits and accessories will emphasize elegance and strict style. Black hats, cigars, tuxedo-ize – feel like a noir detective hero! We will organize catering with buffet and hot dishes so that no one will be left hungry. You can get inspired and try to play at Gambino Slots.

90’s style

The nineties are a pretty dark, but definitely a colorful time. Crimson jackets, disco, bright makeup, Titanic T-shirts, Turbo and “Love is…” gum, Yupi and Dendy and Sega consoles – that’s what the 90s were all about. For fun at parties in this style, it’s pretty easy to pick up props and entertainment. If the participants caught this time period, they know what it’s all about and can dress accordingly.

In the style of the great Gatsby

A birthday party in the style of the roaring twenties. Bright sparkling décor, a pyramid of champagne, rousing music – this is a Gatsby-style party. From entertainment to alcohol, casino, wine battle or Illusionist Show. Dress code – cocktail dresses with fringe and sequins, small hats, boas and bright evening makeup for girls and stylish suits, watches and hats for men. A memorable end of the holiday can be fireworks and Bengal lights, if the chosen room allows. The party will be remembered for a long time!


This is one of the so-called “nostalgic” scenarios, when the design uses school themes. From the entertainment at parties you can choose erudition games, as well as a dance master class, karaoke or even a show with ice cream. It’s great if guests replicate their prom outfits.

Mexican fiesta

With love from hot Mexico! Decorations can include cactus images, maracas, calabasas, and brightly colored ethnic rugs. From the food – burritos, tacos, nachos and other appetizers. Decorate tables with mustaches on skewers with guests’ names on them. And be sure to put hot sauce next to the dishes. For guests it is worth preparing for a themed holiday straw sombreros and ponchos, which will become elements of the dress code. And, of course, will emphasize the theme of the holiday suitable music.


You can organize a birthday party in the style of SPA – gather a company and go to the care and relaxing procedures. Massage, hammam, phyto-barrels, floating – specialized centers offer rest for every taste in almost every city. Often in the price list you can find group programs with a significant discount – do not miss the benefit. A relaxing or informative entertainment, such as a tea ceremony, will complement the party well

Black and white

Black and white – in decorations, outfits and even dishes on the table. It may seem boring, but such a monochrome party really looks amazing! Decorate the loft with black and white balloons and drapery, use matching props and table decor, such as checkered tablecloths. Guests will only have to comply with the dress code.

Ancient Greek style

Is a non-trivial choice. Laurel wreaths and chitons, live harps and, of course, Greek salad, olive oil and fruit. Oratorical battle or quiz – suitable entertainment for such a celebration.


Hats, neckerchiefs, revolvers – welcome to the Wild West. The decoration uses wood, posters with fugitive outlaws, for the capture of which a reward is announced. Pleasant parlor music and games will be a great addition to the evening.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Connoisseurs of Lewis Carroll’s original work or any adaptation – movie or game – will appreciate it! “Alice” is full of distinctive characters you can dress up as for the party. Decorate the apartment with disappearing Cheshire Cat smiles, red and white roses, human-sized playing cards and giant chess pieces. Of course, it is preferable to have a tea party instead of a dinner (you can supplement with a buffet so as not to leave your guests hungry).


Aloha! – is said in Hawaii to say hello or goodbye. Aloha is what we say when we organize a party in this style. The decorations include flower garlands and coconuts. Treats include lots of fruit and seafood. Each guest is supposed to have a decoration of flowers around his neck. The dress code is colorful shirts, shorts and pareos.

In pajamas

Pajama party is one of the themes that is best organized at home. You will need plaids, pillows, hot cocoa with marshmallows, your favorite food and a fun movie. The dress code is cozy pajamas and soft slippers!


Yo-ho-ho! Polundra! A rousing themed party in pirate style – from Captain Blood’s Odyssey, Sinbad the Sailor and Treasure Island to the adventures of Jack Sparrow (the captain, of course). The dress code is leather, triangles and bandanas, eye patches and surtouts. Ladies can dress up in dresses or also become daring pirates and have a lot of fun.

How you can reflect the chosen theme of the holiday

First of all, of course, it is thematic decoration of the room. It is not enough to make something beautiful, it is important to pay attention to colors and textures, to choose an entourage that corresponds to the chosen theme. If others can not immediately say what style of party – it means that the decorator has not worked enough. But, of course, do not go to extremes and order for an evening in the style of Ancient Egypt live crocodiles. 

The second important element is the dress code. Guests will better penetrate the atmosphere if their outfits will not be out of it.

Music and dishes – also should be chosen with the theme of the evening. In addition, it can be reflected in the entertainment program.