From Rooftops to Riverside: A Unique Night Out in London’s Hidden Corners

Is there a more compelling incentive to venture deeper and off the main path while visiting a city like London?  You want to see all of the major sights in London, of course.

Nevertheless, what really makes a city break special is discovering those oddball and eccentric locations and uncovering London’s secrets beyond the standard tourist sites.

London is full of hidden jewels; sometimes the finest spots aren’t usually the most popular ones. Check out these top hideaways if you want to escape the bustle of the city’s busiest locations:

Jackpot City

Located in St. Thomas, not far south of London, lies Jackpot City, a bingo hall and casino. They provide bingo every night of the week, making them the ideal venue for bingo lovers. In addition, there are other prizes up for grabs. Although it requires you to physically leave the city, the journey is absolutely worth it.

Whichever night you attend, there are a ton of various ways to play. Sundays, for example, are buck-a-session, with all strips at $1. The Double Down or Mega Saver games are available Wednesday through Friday, and on certain Saturdays, you may play for ten chances at $1000.

You should keep an eye on Jackpot City’s Facebook page if you enjoy both fantastic offers and bingo. They frequently provide discounts that let you play for less money. Additionally, online bingo rules are different, so be sure to check them out before playing.


Located in the center of Chinatown, Opium is a hidden cocktail bar. They use materials that are locally obtained from Chinatown to create seasonal Oriental-themed libations that are unmatched in London. Tucked away behind a regular little door, it’s the ideal spot for a distinctive and laid-back drink in London.

Opium is a great spot to enjoy dinner with friends or impress a date. Private leasing? Additionally, their Peony bar is a gorgeous, hidden choice.

Postman’s Park

One of the hidden green spaces in London is Postman’s Park, which is located not far from St. Paul’s Cathedral and off the usual route. You can probably assume that it becomes a little busier around midday if you park yourself on a bench. 

The tall buildings that enclose you are a part of a bustling commercial area. The amount of postal workers who would have their lunchtime sandwiches here from the adjacent Post Office headquarters is precisely how it gained its moniker.

It’s more than simply a strange little place to leave your behind, though. The heroic self-sacrifice memorial plaques at Postman’s Park are another well-known feature. This new memorial was unveiled in 1900 by the Lord Mayor and Bishop of London. It is in remembrance of common people who lost their lives while rescuing others. As you dig into your tuna baguette, you may read some intriguing stories on the charming hand-painted tiles.

Ceeps bingo

The Ceeps, which first opened its doors in 1890, is the oldest pub still standing in London. That being said, the place is not at all dated. It serves as a focal point for London’s young adults to go out and party hard.

But Tuesdays are especially exciting at the Ceeps because it’s bingo night! Let’s say the awards are a little out of the ordinary. You’re hoping to win sex items instead of money or gift cards.

Sure, this might not be to everyone’s taste, but each week a large audience gathers at their downtown location. It’s a fun experience whether you’re playing for the laughs, the reward, or simply the pure love of bingo.  Having fun is the main goal of a night at the Ceeps, so as long as you’re enjoying yourself, you’re doing it correctly.

Palace Bingo

Palace Bingo is located in the most ridiculously called neighborhood in London. It allows you to travel back in time while taking part in a few thrilling bingo games. With a great 60s atmosphere throughout, there is room for about 2,000 people, so if you go, get ready for a rowdy yet serious game.

In addition to enjoying a few beers while playing, the high attendance rate allows jackpots to grow significantly. Despite its lasting popularity, this bingo hall is suffering from the rise of online bingo, which offers a quick and thrilling gaming experience.

Bingo Country

The place to play bingo in London is called Bingo Country. Everything you could possibly desire for bingo is available at this Forest City bingo hall. There are always thrilling rewards, bizarre regulations, and classic games you can play to kill time.

Doors open at 5 PM so you can relax before the games start at 7 PM every day of the week. There are unique games, prizes, and food specials like $3 hot dogs or nachos every night. The win games’ super savings and bizarre three-strip packs will have you gripping the edge of your seat as each number is called.

If luck is in your favor, you might be drowning in cash in no time, since prizes for some games may reach up to $5000.

Counting house pub

Drenched in 19th-century extravagance, this bar is arguably the most stunning in all of London.  It’s hands down the greatest location for pie and a pint according to the locals. Still, visitors go right by, unaware of the hidden treasure that lies within.

As a banking hall, the Counting House was constructed in 1893.  The building’s foundation is situated on the north wall of a Roman basilica that dates back 2000 years. Being the biggest basilica north of the Alps, it served as the Roman counterpart of Westminster and its magnitude illustrates how significant Londinium was to the Romans.

There are various cask ales available in addition to locally prepared pies.  This hidden gem in London allows you to reserve a night’s stay as well.

Stratford’s buzz bingo

Buzz Bingo in Stratford is among the biggest and most contemporary establishments in the city. It has computerized bingo panels where you can place food and drink orders for delivery to your designated area within the large hall.

First-timers and die-hard local frequent visitors who come for some serious gaming make up the clientele. Nevertheless, you can be sure to have a good time here, and the alcohol is also quite inexpensive.