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Extra cash for Christmas in Mayfair

No matter how successful your year has been, there’s no denying that we could all use a little extra cash injection to cope with the Christmas shopping each year. A great way to ensure you have enough cash for all those little, last-minute luxuries is to release some of the equity in your fine jewellery and other assets, and that’s where pawnbrokers can help.

Private and professional.

You won’t find any of the seedy back-street pawnbrokers from Hollywood movies here in glamorous Mayfair. Instead you will find a modern, private pawnbroking service from established professional businesses such as New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. You will find that pawnbrokers in Mayfair will accept fine jewellery, watches, diamonds and precious stones. As well as antique jewellery as collateral for your loan, and you are dealing with professionals with many years of experience in the jewellery trade. You know that you’re getting the best possible deal whilst ensuring your jewellery is in safe hands.

Unusual investments.

You can even use your luxury car as collateral for your loan, provided there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle. If you’re looking to borrow more than £10,000, for whatever reason, this is a great way to do it. Some pawnbrokers in Mayfair will even offer a loan against fine wine or valuable family heirlooms. You can raise finance without having to sell your precious items, ensuring you have plenty of cash to treat those you love.

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