Mayfair’s Hub of the Finest Antiques in London

Furnishing your home to suit your needs and impress at the same time can be a tricky business, especially when you’re looking for a particular impact that is often unique and bespoke to an individual’s tastes and fashions. So where in London is the best place to acquire the finest antiques for your home? The only place concentrates the best art galleries, furniture and antique stores in Mayfair, this affluent area in the perfect place. Mayfair represents a bastion of wealth but also a cultural quarter of magnificent antique furniture that is hard to find anywhere else without searching through old French barns and the bother of attending auctions. Mayfair brings the best the world can offer into one space, offering even the pickiest client a wonder of different designs and cultural influences.

As you invite guests to your home you want them to feel welcomed into space but also dazzled with strange and peculiar items that leave them with a positive shock of interest – something to make them go away and ponder the meaning of life and dream of old foreign lands lost to time.

In an age of constantly evolving designs and withering influences, going back in time can leave a fresh taste in the mouth of the visitor as they lean back into a hand-crafted Louis VIX chair. There is nothing quite like enjoying the comfort of knowing you now sit in the same position once inhabited by a great Marquis or Duke – something that can perhaps inspire thought and lead to dreams of grandeur or perhaps realisations of less powerful setting. Either way, the user gains influence over them that nothing made post-1970 could ever create.

For me, nothing beats the amount of choice available, the convenient closeness to my London home, and the amazing speed at which Mayfair Gallery antique dealers seem to be able to get my choice into my home, often without me being there.

Where to find Unique Home Accessories & Décor in Mayfair?

Sollands gallery, in the heart of Mayfair, displays a strikingly curated collection of unique art furniture, which bear the signature style of Grazyna Solland


MM Furnishings is a family run business with a collective experience of over 10 years in the property industry, our personalised and hands-on approach ensures we provide the best quality furnishings and designs to best maximise your investment portfolio.

MM Furnishings

While the process of decorating your home is thrilling, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, so If you’re looking for something really original visit Mayfair London

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By Tom Guyton-Day

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