Best Nightclubs in Mayfair that Open Until Very Late

Mayfair, a beacon of nightlife in London, has always been synonymous with elegance and excitement. Its streets, brimming with history and luxury, come alive after dark, beckoning the night owls to experience clubbing like nowhere else. Here, the nightclubs aren’t just venues; they’re gateways to a world where music, fashion, and culture converge to create unforgettable nights. This vibrant district is home to some of the most exclusive and sought-after nightspots in the city, each offering a unique experience that captures the essence of London’s elite nightlife.

Mayfair’s Vibrant Nightlife Scene

The nightlife in Mayfair is an eclectic mix of glamour, music, and dance. Each club in this illustrious area has a unique character, offering a diverse range of experiences from stylish lounge settings to pulsating dance floors. For those seeking a night of sophisticated fun, Mayfair’s clubs are the epitome of high-end entertainment. These venues are not just places to dance and drink; they are cultural hotspots where the elite gather to celebrate life in style.

Trivia: Mayfair, named after the 15-day May Fair held in the area during the 17th and 18th centuries, has evolved into a hub of luxury nightlife.

Luxx Club London: A Symphony of Lights and Music

Luxx Club London stands out as a beacon of modern clubbing, drawing in a fashionable crowd, including celebrities. Open until 3:30 am, Luxx Club offers an exhilarating fusion of sight and sound. The club’s interior design is a visual treat, featuring avant-garde art and a state-of-the-art lighting system that pulsates to the rhythm of the music. Here, the DJ parties are legendary, often headlined by renowned artists who keep the energy high all night long.

The atmosphere in Luxx Club is electric, encapsulating the essence of a contemporary party destination. It’s a place where music, art, and fashion intersect, creating an immersive experience that is both sophisticated and wildly fun.

The Cuckoo Club: Where Eccentricity Meets Elegance

The Cuckoo Club presents a unique blend of rock-chic aesthetic and upscale glamour. Open until 3:30 am, this split-level, members-only nightspot is known for its LED ceiling that dazzles above the dance floor. The club’s design is a captivating mix of bold colours and plush furnishings, providing a backdrop that is both intimate and vibrant.

At The Cuckoo Club, the music ranges from cutting-edge electronic beats to classic rock anthems, catering to a diverse crowd. The club’s unique theme parties and special events make it a standout in Mayfair’s clubbing scene, offering guests an unforgettable night of dance and entertainment.

Kadies Club: A Gem in Mayfair’s Nightlife Crown

Kadies Club, with its stylish, lounge-style setting, offers a more relaxed yet equally exciting clubbing experience. Open until 3:00 am, Kadies is renowned for its handcrafted cocktails and a clubby vibe that is both welcoming and exclusive. The club’s music, curated by talented DJs, creates a perfect ambiance for guests to unwind and enjoy the night.

Kadies Club represents the softer side of Mayfair’s nightlife, where guests can enjoy a conversation over exquisite drinks in a chic setting. It’s a place where every detail, from the decor to the drink menu, is crafted to provide a premium experience.

Maddox Club: A Fusion of Music and Sophistication

Maddox Club stands as a testament to the chic and sophisticated side of Mayfair’s nightlife. Open until 3:00 am, this stylish members’ club is known for its minimalist interior that exudes elegance. Maddox Club isn’t just about the dance floor; it also boasts a top-notch Italian restaurant, making it a perfect spot for an entire evening of indulgence. The club attracts a celebrity crowd, yet it maintains an air of intimacy and exclusivity. At Maddox, the music blends seamlessly with the ambiance, offering a refined clubbing experience.

Annabel’s: An Icon of Luxury and Exclusivity

Annabel’s, one of the most iconic clubs in Mayfair, epitomizes luxury. Open until 3:00 am, it is a private club that has been the playground for the famous and well-heeled for decades. Known for its lavish decor and sophisticated dance floor, Annabel’s is more than a nightclub; it’s a symbol of high society. The club has a rich history and a reputation for hosting some of the most exclusive parties in London, making it a coveted destination for those who seek the ultimate in luxury nightlife.

Tape London: The Heartbeat of Mayfair’s Music Scene

Tape London offers an elite party experience and is renowned for its live music and DJ sets. Open until 3:30 am, this exclusive nightclub is a favourite among music aficionados. With a full bar and a trendy atmosphere, Tape London has become a hub for those who appreciate high-quality sound and innovative music in a luxurious setting. The club’s dedication to music is evident in every aspect, from its state-of-the-art sound system to its lineup of world-class DJs and artists.

Jak’s Club: A Blend of Cosy Ambience and Vibrant Parties

Jak’s club provides a unique contrast within Mayfair’s nightclub scene. Open until 3:00 am, it offers a warm bar with a relaxed ambience, making it an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle. By night, Jak’s transforms into a vibrant party destination, balancing a cosy atmosphere with energetic music and dance. This club is perfect for those who seek a more laid-back, yet still lively, night out in Mayfair.

Editor’s Note: Please note that some clubs in our Mayfair list, such as Annabel’s, Luxx Club London and The Cuckoo Club, are members-only venues. We highly recommend checking membership requirements or booking in advance before planning your visit. These exclusive clubs are frequented by VIPs and celebrities, making spontaneous entry challenging. Planning ahead ensures you can enjoy Mayfair’s vibrant nightlife to the fullest without any hiccups. Remember, a night in Mayfair is an experience worth the preparation!


Mayfair’s nightclubs are the jewels in the crown of London’s nightlife. From the high-octane dance floors of Luxx Club London and The Cuckoo Club to the more subdued yet equally enchanting settings of Maddox Club and Jak’s, Mayfair offers a night to remember for every party enthusiast. These clubs are not just places to dance the night away; they are cultural landmarks where memories are made, and the party never stops.


  1. What makes Mayfair clubs unique? Their blend of luxury, music, and exclusive ambience.
  2. Are Mayfair clubs open late? Yes, most close at 3:00 or 3:30 am.
  3. Can anyone visit these clubs? Some require membership or reservations.
  4. What’s special about Maddox Club? Its elegant interior and sophisticated crowd.
  5. Is Tape London good for music lovers? Yes, it’s known for live music and top DJs.