42°Raw – Mayfair’s newest addition

42°Raw, a raw food cafe, has opened at 6 Burlington Gardens. In The Royal Academy of Arts in the centre of Mayfair. First founded in Copenhagen in 2009, the cafe has added a London branch to its chain and is now offering a range of meals, snacks and drinks to local clientele.

The enjoyment of food in its purest state.

The philosophy behind the restaurant is the enjoyment of food in its purest state. All of the food is prepared at under 42°, to ensure that none of its nutrients are lost in the cooking process. 42°Raw describes itself as “a contemporary interpretation of Raw Food that redefines modern day healthy living”. It seems that their unique creations certainly fulfil the criteria of food that is healthy, tasty, and in its organic state.

Skeptics may think that the menu with consist purely of salad. Whilst there are several delicious and creative salad based options. The menu also offers dishes as diverse as Thai noodles and lasagne. There is even a selection of raw cakes available. With a range of natural ingredients including cacao, agave syrup and spirulina.

42°Raw is sure to attract health conscious members of the Mayfair community. As well as those from further afield who are interested in trying something new. Only time will tell whether famous visitors like Kate Middleton. They paid a visit to the area recently for a Thirty Club dinner at Claridges and will embrace the new addition. With such an innovative concept and varied menu, Mayfair’s new cafe is unlikely to be short of customers.


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