Jeff de Bruges: one of Mayfair’s finest Chocolatiers

Jeff de Bruges Chocolatier brings luxury chocolates, sweets and other delightful treats to the heart of Mayfair.

If you are searching for fine chocolates in Mayfair, then Jeff de Bruges Chocolatier is the perfect place in which to satisfy your desires. They pride themselves as being the place for chocolate lovers, and on inspecting their wares, it’s difficult to disagree.

The Jeff de Bruges kitchen collection offers special and innovative chocolate ingredients for chefs with a fondness for all things chocolatey. These include delicious hot chocolate on a stick: simply dip the stick into a mug of hot milk and watch the chocolate melt lusciously into it. There are also special cooking chocolate chips to help your cakes, pastries and muffins taste perfect. Finally, you don’t have to be a good cook to enjoy the organic chocolate spread – all you need is a slice of toast!

Chocolate lovers who need a regular fix of their favourite foodstuff will love the shop’s caraques. These are thin chocolate squares to be enjoyed with coffee whenever you feel like enjoying a delicate snack.

Jeff de Bruges uses the finest cocoa sourced from Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Peru, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea, ensuring a variety of chocolatey tastes to suit every tastebud and every occasion. Delicious!