Why Mobile Internet Works Slowly

Today it is difficult to imagine your life without the Internet. Every day people access the global network to communicate with friends, read current news, work, and study. Moreover, most often they use the Internet not through personal computers, but through telephones. Mobile operators most often provide a high-quality signal. However, despite this, some users regularly experience slow network performance. If you are considering installing an EE signal booster to solve mobile internet quality problems, this article is for you. You will learn about the main reasons for slow mobile Internet performance.

Why Does The Internet Work Poorly On a Smartphone?

From time to time, when using the Internet on your phone, you experience low speed and long loading times for pages. In this case, you need to determine why the Internet loads poorly on the phone.

To find out the exact cause of this problem, you need to consider the type of network you are using. Many people access the Internet on a smartphone using a wireless Wi-Fi connection. In this case, problems arise with loading for the following reasons:

  • Slow Internet connection. Wi-Fi operation depends on the connection speed provided by the provider. If it is too low, the Internet on your phone will load slowly.
  • Lots of connected devices. The number of gadgets connected to Wi-Fi is constantly growing. These are tablets, smartphones, TVs, laptops, and electrical equipment. Today, even some types of light bulbs and switches can connect to a wireless network. If you connect many devices to the router at the same time, it will work worse and the network speed will drop.
  • Weak signal. People often encounter situations where the network stops working normally due to a bad signal. It may get worse due to the distance from the router or walls.
  • The wireless channel is clogged. Most routers can handle 14-15 channels. However, many users do not configure the router and use the same default channels. This leads to their overload and the Internet freezes. Therefore, it is recommended to use less congested communication channels.

However, many people use the Internet from mobile operators. In this case, the network may stop working normally due to poor reception. Perhaps the person is outside the 3G/4G coverage area, where cell towers are extremely distant from the subscriber, and therefore the speed and quality of the Internet is very low.

In addition, the quality of the mobile signal is affected by:

  • Physical obstacles in the form of structures, forests, and mountains. They may not allow the signal to pass through or block it altogether.
  • Material used in the construction of offices and houses. For example, heavy concrete structures.
  • High population densities can also reduce mobile phone signals.

What To Do If Mobile Internet Is Slow

Many people don’t know what to do if the Internet doesn’t work well on their phones. Several recommendations will help get rid of the problem and restore network functionality:

  • Reconnect to the Internet. Often, reconnecting helps normalise network operation. Go to your Quick Access Toolbar and double-click the Mobile Data icon. After this, the device will be reconnected to the Internet.
  • Changing the network type. There are times when the speed drops because the wrong network type is selected on the smartphone. In such situations, you need to enter the network settings of the device and make sure that 4G is used. This standard, as well as 5G, provides higher-speed Internet connections.
  • Check the amount of remaining traffic. Often the download speed and quality begin to drop since the user has used up all the mobile traffic. Many operators, when the traffic ends, limit the network bandwidth until the account is topped up. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check traffic.
  • Restart your smartphone. In rare cases, internet slowdown is due to phone malfunctions. The easiest way to fix this problem is to simply restart the device. If the network still does not work well, then the reason is something else.

Sometimes the reason why the phone has poor Internet access is a large number of thick walls. They degrade the quality of the mobile network signal and therefore the Internet stops working normally. To correct the situation, you need to use a mobile signal booster. Now there are many quality Vodafone, Virgin, and EE signal boosters on the market at different prices.

What Else Can You Do to Improve Internet Access on Your Smartphone?

Installing and using a mobile signal booster is a reliable way to improve the quality of a mobile signal if poor performance is due to distance from a cellular tower, the presence of serious obstacles in the form of mountains, forests, population density, etc. If you are waiting to install Vodafone or EE signal booster and want to improve your mobile internet connection right now, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Forced use of 4G. You must specify a network setting to use 4G technology only. This way, the smartphone will not switch to other connection types on its own.
  1. Removing widgets. Some people install a lot of widgets on the home screen of their smartphone, which slows down the device. It is recommended to remove them so as not to load the system.
  1. Browser optimization. Most browsers are equipped with a special page compression function. With its help, it is possible to increase the loading speed of Internet pages.
  1. Use Lite versions of phone applications. This advice will help owners of budget smartphone models. The fact is that Lite applications take up less memory and consume few resources. Thanks to this, they do not load the system and do not affect its functioning. Such programs are most often installed on phones with only 1-2 GB of RAM.
  1. Clearing the program cache. When using the software for a long time, a lot of information accumulates in its cache. Sometimes its volume reaches several gigabytes. Cache overflow causes deterioration in program performance. It is recommended to regularly clear data so that the cache of installed programs does not become full.
  1. Change of tariff plan. There are times when the selected tariff has speed limits. The only way to fix the situation is to change the tariff plan or change the operator. It is recommended to look for offers without speed limits.

Wrapping It Up

The life of a modern person is extremely active and requires a stable Internet connection, which can be achieved using the mobile Internet. However, the location of the subscriber far from the cell tower, for example, in a country house, or in the basement of a factory, complicates access to mobile communications. This problem can be quickly solved by installing a signal booster. You can turn to UCtel for help, which provides signal enhancement services to many UK telecom operators.