What is CBD Flower? Beginners Guide to Use

The Cannabidiol flower is a small bud that is used so much in the modern world. More and more users are becoming aware of the benefits of cannabis and want to try it. So how do you use CBD flowers, and what do you need to know about it?

What is a CBD Flower?

If you look closely, the CBD bud may seem strange, unique, or stunning to you. This small flower has many small leaves and hairs of different colors. Many cannabidiol buds are topped with a layer of trichomes.

CBD flower for sale  smells like regular weed. It’s hard to distinguish smells and tastes at first, but when you consume them regularly, you notice the difference between the strains. The scent of some of them may be stronger, while others have a barely perceptible aroma.

You can also distinguish the taste of hemp buds, which allows you to choose your favorite. It is also worth warning that some flowers will smell very strong and spread the smell throughout the room.

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Cannabidiol flowers are usually derived from Sativa varieties, which are high in CBD and low in THC. However, do not rely on basic knowledge of the concept of “Sativa marijuana.” Since cannabidiol is not capable of exerting a psychotropic effect, it cannot achieve a fast, noticeable effect.

According to all the canons, Sativa invigorates, and Indica calms and lulls. However, you can only feel it quickly with the intoxicating effects. CBD works slightly differently and can help the user feel more relaxed, calm, and focused. Also, with its mild effects, CBD bud can help the consumer experience restful and refreshing sleep.

Medical Use

Research shows that cannabidiol can provide relief to many patients. A bud high in CBD can reduce chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety. In addition, hemp flower can relieve the symptoms of certain diseases, for example:

  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Some anxiety disorders.

However, choosing CBD flowers with a low THC content is essential. The percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol should not exceed 0.3% of the content. The presence of THC in your bud can make you high.

Although tetrahydrocannabinol can fight some diseases, the psychoactive effects may not be to your liking. In addition, you should expect side effects that can cause you a lot of inconveniences: thirst caused by dry mouth, dry eyes, hunger, dizziness, increased pressure, and a distorted perception of reality.

CBD Flower Entourage Effect

In addition to cannabidiol, the hemp plant contains many other compounds like CBK, CBG, and CBN. Each of these components works differently, but the combination of all cannabinoids allows the cannabidiol buds to work more effectively.


The hemp plant can contain over 400 different terpenes, which determine the taste and effects of CBD buds. Despite this diversity, cannabis flowers most often contain:

  • Myrcene

It is one of the most widely used terpenes. It gives cannabidiol buds an earthy flavor and also adds a fruity scent.

  • Alpha-Pinene

This terpene is often responsible for the relaxing effects and gives hemp buds a piney flavor.

  • Humulene

Humulene is found in hops. It gives CBD buds similar to earthy, pungent, and pine scents.

  • Caryophyllene

The terpene has a peppery taste and smell. It’s a slightly tangy taste that will remind you of black pepper and cloves.

  • Limonene

It has a citrus smell and is commonly found in citrus fruits. Terpene improves mood and relieves stress.

  • Linalool

Linalool has a floral scent. Terpene is also found in lavender and coriander and has a sedative effect.

  • Bisabolol

The terpene also has a floral scent. This component is found in large quantities in chamomile.

  • Geranial

Geranial has a floral and sweet scent found in roses and lemongrass.

How to Use CBD Flowers?

There are several ways to use cannabidiol buds.

Tea and Edibles

You can make tea or cannabis cookies. However, their effects tend to increase. The main feature is that you need to carry out the process of decarboxylation, that is, heating. In this way, you activate the CBDA acid, which breaks down, and only CBD remains.

Also, cannabidiol combines very well with fats and oils, so when combined, the effects of CBD can become even more potent.


Users commonly choose to smoke cannabidiol flowers as it is the easiest way. Making a CBD joint isn’t too difficult either:

  1. Grind your CBD bud;
  2. Grab the joint filter and rolling paper;
  3. Drop some freshly ground grass onto the rolling paper;
  4. Roll up the joint. Pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth to pack the cannabis into its final cone shape;
  5. Seal the joint (you can do it with your saliva) and patch it.


Vaping cannabidiol requires a vaporizer specifically designed for “dry herb vaping.” A regular vaporizer will not function because it is designed for liquids. The only downside of vaping CBD flowers is that the device can be pretty expensive.

This method is chosen by people who want to get the maximum benefit from CBD. Smoking is not suitable for everyone since it harms the lungs. When you vaporize hemp, the cannabidiol bud does not burn, and there is no smoke.

Another benefit of vaping CBD buds is that it smells significantly less than smoking. Therefore, it is more suitable for indoor use. Such hemp will last much longer! In addition, the vapor does not cause coughing. It is not as harsh as the smoke from a cannabis plant.

CBD Flower Dosage

If marijuana is legal in your state, you can try different THC-to-CBD ratios to see what works for you. But if THC is illegal, you should focus on finding THC-free CBD buds.

While it is impossible to overdose on cannabidiol, it has been scientifically proven that the flowers can cause some discomfort. For example, you may feel a dry mouth or get tired.

There is no perfect universal dose of CBD bud. Human bodies react differently. Therefore, it is worth starting to use cannabidiol flowers with minimal dosage. If you prefer to do joints, you should stop at a few breaths for the first time.

You are unlikely to notice changes in your body straight away. Yet, if you carefully observe your condition, you will unquestionably take notice of changes. If the desired effect was not achieved, you better slightly increase the dosage of CBD buds.

Also, experienced smokers do not recommend smoking a whole gram of hemp buds at once for the first time. And if you use cannabidiol flowers in baking, you should minimize your first dose as much as possible. Thus, half a cookie is the best to start. It is worth remembering that consuming edibles makes CBD act more potent.

Store Your CBD Flowers Properly

Each natural product has its own shelf life. It means that your CBD bud joint may last only a few days. Besides, you can store it in a safe place for much longer. That is why the issue of cannabis flower storage is critical for those who use cannabis frequently.

The essential fact is that hemp buds are sensitive to the environment. If stored incorrectly, degradation occurs. It deprives your flower of any beneficial effects. As a result, the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant is markedly reduced. Such conditions can cause your CBD bud degradation:

  • Light;
  • Heat;
  • Temperature;
  • Outdoors environment.

Are Wet CBD Flowers Dangerous?

Even if your hemp has only recently become wet, a wet bud is harder to grind, less flavorful, and less likely to burn. But if the cannabidiol bud has been kept moist for a long time, the chances of bacteria growing in it increase.

Moisture creates ideal conditions for mold, bacteria, and fungus. Once “infected,” the hemp flower is no longer safe. After all, it may give you a headache or trouble breathing.

Storage Rules

First, you should avoid damp environments for your CBD bud. However, a bone-dry environment is also not satisfactory for storage. It is because cannabinoids are found in trichomes, which must remain sticky to continue being effective.

A good solution would be a jar with a screw cap that you open occasionally to change the air. Then place it in a cupboard that is not too hot and out of the sun. In addition, you should make sure that animals or children cannot reach the jar.

What should I do if I spill water on my CBD flower?

If you spilled water on your hemp flower, it’s worth trying to save your buds. You can easily do this by placing the buds in a bowl of rice. Airtight containers must be avoided as moisture must have a chance to escape.

Your buds should dry for a day, after which you should check their condition. If your CBD flowers are still damp, leave them in the rice for a few more days.


The more you know about cannabidiol flowers right from the start, the less fear you have of anything new. When you find out what you were so excited about, you can take another step toward the best CBD flower. To find out as much as possible. In addition, you have to choose your favorite way to take cannabidiol. Let yourself experiment!


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