Wedding Favours: Make Them Useful and Unique

Wedding events are undoubtedly memorable. But it has been a tradition to give guests some take-home goodies as a token of appreciation for coming to celebrate with the newlyweds and remember it by. However, picking the right wedding favour is not that easy; it could not be any random item. It must be unique and personalised, fitting enough to commemorate your well-thought-of cocktail party ideas that breathe life into the event. So, to give you an idea, here are suggestions that guests are likely to use rather than lose, love to have, and treasure.


Potted herbs

Gardening is a hobby that never gets old. Lately, people have become quite attracted to indoor planting, which gives homes a fantastic atmosphere. That’s why potted herbs make for a bright wedding favour suggestion. You can prepare different herbs so guests can choose their favourite plant and smile as they remember your wedding day every time they grab a sprig from it afterwards.


Cacti and succulents

Another plant-related giveaway that can never go wrong is these low-maintenance cacti and succulents. They are very resilient and can last long, even if the guests do not have a green thumb. They also come in adorable pots that are easy to personalise with quirky tags or labels.

Scented candles

Scented candles are another great addition to a cosy home, and they are certified crowd-pleasers, making them perfect for giveaways. You can find a handful of cute candle containers to match your wedding theme. You can also choose a meaningful scent for you and your spouse-to-be, or you may provide different choices so your guests can pick the one they like.


A bagful of sweets

You can never go wrong sending your guests home with a sweet treat on hand. It may be a jar of candies or chocolates, a box of cupcakes or brownies, or a bag of cookies or doughnuts. They can save it for later or munch on it on their way home.


Popcorn or chips

If you are more of a savoury and salty person rather than sweet, a bag of chips or popcorn with some personalised labels on it is your best bet. Your guests will be more than glad to have a snack on their ride home or a few nights after your event on their next movie night.


Bottled condiments

The kitchen is the most special place in every home, and providing a token that is associated with it makes the item memorable, not to mention useful. You have countless choices in this regard, and they are all universally loved. The essential key here is to find a supplier that will give a personal touch on the label. So, whether you choose a bottled olive oil or a salt and pepper shaker, they will be as well-received by your guests.


Kitchen tools

If you prefer something not perishable for your wedding giveaway, you can choose valuable items around the kitchen instead of condiments. Coasters, can openers, cocktail shakers, coffee and creamer containers—these are all excellent gift ideas that any guest would gladly appreciate.


Mini booze bottles

Allow your guests to celebrate your union long after the event is over by giving them a bottle of spirits to take home. You can print a celebratory toast or a funny quip on the label of your mini champagne, wine, beer, rum, or whatever to make it personalised.


Towels or blankets

The gift of fabric is a gift of comfort. It is something hard to resist and not appreciate. Have it embroidered with a lovely quote, and you can be sure that your guests will come reaching for it over and over again and would smile as they remember you and your wedding day.


Shower essentials

Anything to do with the bathroom is another adorable gift idea. You can repackage handmade soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, hand sanitiser and others in pretty containers with a custom-made label.


The secret to picking the best wedding giveaway is this – put your heart into it. There are countless choices available, but the one that stands out is that item that celebrates you as a couple and showcases the delight of the people in attendance on your special day.