Treatment abroad: why is it better to undergo treatment in developed countries?

It is better to undergo treatment abroad than in your native country. Millions of people who visit foreign countries for medical services are convinced that this statement is true. Medical tourism is becoming more popular because it allows patients to receive high-quality health care even if medicine is not developing quickly enough in their native country. Today, hospitals abroad willingly admit foreign patients. You can choose the best hospital and make an appointment for your treatment abroad through the Booking Health service.

Why is it better to undergo treatment abroad?

Residents of countries with poorly developed medicine visit foreign hospitals because they expect to receive higher-quality medical care. It is ensured through better training of specialists in developed countries, the use of high-quality equipment, new drugs, and modern procedures.

From the patient’s point of view, it is better to undergo treatment abroad because:

  • The diagnosis of diseases is more accurate in developed countries. This means that doctors will not miss dangerous conditions that could be easily treated in their early stages. On the other hand, you will not be treated for a non-existent disease for years, as is often the case in countries with poorly developed medicine.
  • The treatment is more effective. Most cancers, heart defects, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, spinal disc herniations, and other diseases are successfully treated in developed countries.
  • The treatment is safe. Modern treatment methods and the high level of training of doctors allow the patient to avoid complications, which occur 2 to 3 times less frequently than in countries with poorly developed medicine.
  • The treatment is minimally traumatic. Most operations are performed through small incisions (laparoscopy or thoracoscopy). Endoscopic interventions (through natural body openings) and endovascular procedures (from inside the blood vessels) are becoming more common.
  • Patients undergoing treatment abroad receive quality care as well as maintenance and symptomatic treatment. They feel better and suffer less from pain and other symptoms.

How to go abroad for treatment?

Patients traveling abroad for treatment for the first time face many obstacles, such as choosing a hospital, terms of treatment, communication with the hospital, preparation of documents, accommodation abroad, language barriers, etc.

All these problems can, however, disappear if you choose a medical care program through the Booking Health service. On our website, you can find out prices, find a medical care program at a favorable price, and get services for the organization of treatment abroad. Our specialists will:

  • Help you choose the most suitable hospital that specializes in the treatment of your disease and achieves the best results
  • Make an appointment for your preferred dates without a long waiting period
  • Book airline tickets and a hotel near the hospital
  • Provide the necessary conditions of a hospital stay, for example, living in a single patient room, a VIP room, accommodation with children or accompanying persons, etc.
  • Help you prepare the documents
  • Translate medical reports into German or English

Our company’s employees will meet you at the airport of the foreign country, provide you with interpreting services, and take you to the hospital by car. After the completion of your treatment, a return transfer will be arranged for you.

When you make an appointment through Booking Health, the cost of treatment will be lower for you due to the absence of additional coefficients for foreign patients. In addition, the initial cost will definitely not increase because you will receive insurance that will cover unforeseen medical expenses not included in the medical care program.


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