Three of Mayfair’s most exclusive casinos

All it takes is a short walk around the streets of Mayfair to instantly be aware of the number of wealthy individuals who live in the area. A place where luxury is a given and high-end offerings are a must, many of Mayfair’s locals frequent the high-end casinos that contribute greatly to Mayfair’s evening offering.

Alongside the Michelin-starred establishments and designer stores is a solid batch of casinos that provide people with a great place to sample an array of games, alongside offering a tasty drinks menu and a sumptuous selection of grub. If you’re partial to the odd casino release on your smartphone device, be it an Age of Gods slots release or the occasional poker session, then putting your gaming skills to the test in a land-based resort must surely appeal. Even if you aren’t necessarily into casino gaming, a night out in one of Mayfair’s finest resorts is well worth experiencing. Thankfully, Mayfair is a location that will most definitely enable you to do it in style, too.

One of London’s most elegant neighbourhoods is filled with top hotels and a wealth of opulent offerings, making Mayfair’s casino life incredibly hard to rival. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three of the area’s most exclusive casino venues.

The Colony Club

From famous pop singers to world class footballers, The Colony Club is an instant favourite with some of the world’s biggest stars. Oozing class and sophistication, this welcoming venue offers free membership and can be frequented at pretty much any time throughout the year. From its famed Teppanyaki Bar serving up tasty delights to its large choice of games, such as blackjack and poker, The Colony Club is a fantastic venue to experience. Even if you aren’t an avid casino gamer, then the high-end cuisine is worth sampling still. In order to enjoy the ultimate Colony Club evening, though, be sure to book a private room if possible and revel in luxury.

Les Ambassadeurs Club

Steeped in history and providing guests with a truly authentic casino gaming package, Les Ambassadeurs Club is one of Mayfair’s ultimate casino venues. Owned by Cho Hung Suen, the former owner of English football club Birmingham City, this private member’s only venue offers great gaming opportunities, from classic games like blackjack and poker to roulette products and baccarat. Alongside the extensive selection of table games guests can dive in and out of, Les Ambassadeurs Club serves up delicious food which has been put together by respected chefs. The drinks on offer are well worth devouring, too. Overall, given its historical building and array of luxurious offerings, Les Ambassadeurs Club is a fantastic casino to visit.


Dating back to 1828, Crockford’s is a favoured choice with many affluent individuals. The sister venue to the aforementioned The Colony Club, this particular casino gaming destination is full of high rollers, especially when factoring in that the table minimums are between £50-100 per hand. If you’re wanting a memorable evening out and you have some money to spend, though, then you can’t really go wrong with Crockford’s. In fact, given the building’s rich history and feeling of luxury, it’s a brilliant venue to spend an evening and game the night away. The casino products on offer are as you’d expect also, with authentic table games being the main choice on offer. People can experience poker in this beautiful venue, then jump over to the roulette table to try their luck. Once a gaming marathon has been enjoyed, then there’s a tasty drinks menu to get through and some truly delicious food to eat.