The Mayfair Dress code

Earlier last week, news broke that One Direction, one of the country’s most popular boy bands. The band were turned away from prestigious members club 5 Hertford Street in Mayfair for being too casually dressed. Upon seeing the boys’ relaxed attire, protective doorman Claud Achaume was apparently overheard saying, “They’re going in one direction, and that’s away from here.”

Need to dress to impress.

Mayfair is a prestigious district, and if you’re hoping to get access to some of Mayfair’s more exclusive venues. You need to dress to impress, however rich and famous you may be. Here are some fashion tips that we suggest you follow:

Men Shoes.

While you don’t have to be completely suited and booted for your visit to Mayfair. It is always a good idea to follow certain guidelines when you’re off on a night out. A shirt with a collar is preferable over scruffier options like t-shirts. It is best to opt for smart trousers over jeans. In terms of footwear, it is usually no trainers allowed, so choose smarter shoes like brogues or loafers in neutral colours.

Women shoes.

Women have a bit more scope to be creative than men. They still need to adhere to certain rules in order to gain admittance to private members’ clubs in the area. Again, we’d suggest you veer away from denim. A dress, skirt or tailored pair of trousers is a much better bet. They could be teamed with a blouse or stylish jacket. Not a t-shirt dug out from the back of your wardrobe. And while it’s not obligatory to wear heels, shoes should always be neat and well structured. No falling-apart ballet pumps or scuffed moccasins in Mayfair!


Visitors at Mayfair private clubs are expected to dress appropriately. Casual Attire, including well-maintained jeans or smart trousers, are allowed throughout the Clubs.
Business casual is another option for males, so they do not need to wear jackets and ties, but ladies need to wear the comparable standard.

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