7 popular Fashion & Clothing brands in the UK

The Top Seven British Fashion Brands to Watch

When people think of fashion in the United Kingdom, their mind turns to one or two brands that are famous throughout the world.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to buy Ted Baker jackets or a pair of jeans from Zara. Such brands have spent many years perfecting their designs, production lines, and target demographic. They deliver pleasing products at reasonable prices.

British fashion, however, does not revolve around the two or three biggest names. While those brands do sell significant stock each year, they are not necessarily trendsetters or offering the best value.

Below are the top seven British fashion brands that you may want to consider the next time you are planning a shopping spree.

Damson Madder

A London-based brand that has emerged as a trendsetter over the past few years, Damson Madder is definitely worth a look. Their clothes are not only stylish, but they are eco-friendly as well. The brand focuses a great deal on sustainability, ensuring that all its clothes are made using organic materials or repurposed fabric.

If you want to invest in clothes that are made to last, and are not contributing to climate change, then you can buy from Damson Madder and still look stunning as well.

Never Fully Dressed

Another brand that is lighting up runways and impressing a lot of fashion experts is Never Fully Dressed. The Essex-based brand was a one-woman operation that has now become the go-to when celebrities or trendsetters want clothes that are vibrant and exciting.

Never Fully Dressed puts a lot of emphasis on euphoria, as they want their clothes to be exciting, fulfilling, and eye-catching. The prints, colours, and detailing are very unique and hard to find from any other brands. If you step out in a Never Fully Dressed piece, you will most definitely get compliments on your outfit.


What started as a humble brand in the UK has now become a significant presence in many countries. Toast is a brand that has been around since 1997, specialising in loungewear and nightwear.

Even though the brand has expanded to sell various products and accessories, it remains true to its purpose. Toast celebrates life in a slower and more methodical way. They want people to think hard about each piece they buy and assess whether that clothing item will stay in their wardrobe for several years.


Another impressive brand that is taking fashion weeks by storm, Ghospell is the sister brand of Sister Jane. A contemporary, London-based operation that wants to incorporate urban styles with a more modern aesthetic, Ghospell is most definitely worth a try to see if any of its pieces match your tastes.

The aesthetic of many Ghospell pieces is minimalistic, but you will find incredible detail on those items if you look closely enough. The brand has successfully managed to create fresh styles with dramatic appearances, even if they are only producing limited collections that drop for only a six-week period.


The founder of E.L.V. wanted to find a way to solve an issue that has plagued the fashion industry for many years: the amount of fabric that is wasted when producing denim pieces. Whether you are manufacturing jeans, jackets, or other denim-based products, there is a great deal of material that must be thrown away.

E.L.V. takes that denim and upcycles it to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Despite the unusual ways of producing its pieces, E.L.V. clothes are very stylish, comfortable, and durable. They have an iconic line of jeans, along with skirts, shirts, and other accessories. Even their non-denim items are made using repurposed materials.


If you have not heard about Baukjen over the past few years, you are missing out on a very trendy British fashion brand. Baujken believes in slow fashion, which means they only release limited collections throughout the year, as their emphasis is on quality, not quantity.

The clothes are made using exquisite materials, as they want people to hold onto those items for five, six, or seven years at the least. There are many Baukjen pieces that could easily last you a decade; such is the quality of the stitching and materials.

Olivia Rose The Label

Designed by Olivia Rose Havelock and made famous on Instagram, Olivia Rose The Label is an independent fashion label that focuses on slow fashion. All the pieces you see from Olivia Rose The Label are made using local fabrics, while extremely limited batches are produced to ensure there are no compromises on quality.