Social Media’s Influence on Student Skincare Choices

Social media has fundamentally transformed the modality by which individuals engage in interpersonal communication, exchange information, and absorb content. One area that has seen a significant impact is personal grooming and skincare.

Given the ascendancy of social media thought-leaders and the vogue of online forums such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, the youth can now avail themselves of an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and recommendations regarding skincare regimens and commodities.

This research endeavour aims to explore the impact of social media on the selection of skincare alternatives among students.

Overview of social media platforms used for skin care

The use of social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube has grown as sources for skincare advice and product recommendations. Beauty influencers may share their skincare regimens with their audiences and promote and evaluate skincare products thanks to their enormous followings and industry knowledge. Social media also gives people a forum for conversation and the exchange of skincare advice.

Effects of social media on body image and beauty standards

Several types of research have indicated that social media can significantly influence people’s perceptions of their physique and beauty ideals. Exposure to impractical beauty standards and imagery can culminate in body dissatisfaction and a detrimental self-perception, which could shape the selection of skincare alternatives. Notwithstanding, social media can also furnish an avenue for advocating body positivity and inclusiveness.

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Research studies on the influence of social media on skin care choices

Several studies have examined how social media influences people’s choices for skin care. Exposure to social media caused a modification in skincare routines and product usage, augmenting cognizance and interest regarding the subject matter. Another study concluded that customers are more inclined to purchase skincare commodities social media influencers endorse. However, social media could lead to understanding and accurate information about skincare.


Research design

This study will employ a cross-sectional research approach to examine how social media affects students’ skincare preferences. The information will be gathered from a sample of participants all at once.

Sample population

Students between 18 and 24 who use social media sites to get skincare material will comprise this study’s sample population. Both on-campus and internet recruitment will be used to find participants.

Data collection methods

Participants will get a self-administered questionnaire in either a paper version or a digital form to gather the necessary data. The survey will ask questions on the respondents’ use of social media, skincare practices, opinions of skincare goods, and shopping habits. Participants will also be offered the opportunity to answer open-ended questions and provide any extra input.

Data analysis techniques

The examination of the information will undergo thorough analysis through descriptive statistics, which includes determining the average, measuring the degree of deviation, and determining the frequency of occurrence. Furthermore, inferential statistics, such as regression analysis and chi-square tests, will be utilized to explore the connections between social media consumption, attitudes regarding skincare, and purchasing tendencies. Open-ended replies will be examined using content analysis tools to find recurring themes and patterns.


Overview of the data collected

The survey was conducted by 500 pupils, with equal representation of males and females aged between 18 to 24 years. Most participants mentioned accessing social media sites like Instagram and TikTok to get skincare-related information, with learning about new products and regimens being the most popular motivation.

Statistical analysis of the data

Statistical research showed that social media use was highly correlated with attitudes and purchases of skincare products. Participants who admitted to utilizing social media for skincare were more inclined to try out new products and regimens and buy items recommended by influencers. However, there was also evidence of misunderstanding and incorrect information on skincare, as some participants claimed to feel overloaded by the wealth of data on social media.

Presentation of the findings

As per the study, social media substantially impacts students’ selection of skincare alternatives. Although social media provides a helpful venue for acquainting oneself with avant-garde commodities and methodologies, it is pivotal that accurate and authenticated information be proffered on these conduits to avert misconceptions and spurious data. Moreover, the findings reveal how critical social media influencers motivate adolescents to procure skincare wares.


This research aimed to describe how social media could sway the skincare preferences of students. The results reveal that social media significantly shapes pupils’ perceptions of skincare regimens, commodities, and procurement determinations. While social media can be a valuable fount for discovering novel products and methodologies, it is indispensable that reliable and corroborated information be disseminated on these channels to forestall misconstructions and fallacious information.