Sharp, chic menswear at Richard Gelding in Mayfair

The Richard Gelding menswear store opened in 1976 in Mayfair, where it still resides today. What made the shop stand out against so many others was the personalised service offered by expert sales assistants.

Offering fine cuts and brands, specialising in mainly casual clothing, with garments by Canali and Eton, Gelding ensures superior quality clothing from top name brands. There is no better proof for the level of craftsmanship at Gelding, as some customers have been returning to the shop for over two generations!

This solid base of customer loyalty makes Gelding an extremely reputable business, what’s more, Richard Gelding’s successor, David Moss, brought an entirely new wealth of experience within the clothing industry. He has previously worked with Peek and Cloppenburg in Düsseldorf and he has also led the prestigious team at Moss Bros throughout the 1990s.

In addition to unflinching customer loyalty and a wealth of expertise within the company itself, Richard Gelding caters to buyers from over 30 countries around the world. A solid international reputation serves to bolster the store’s distinguished reputation.

Richard Gelding also offers a range of high-quality footwear by an Italian company, Stemar, founded by the sons of Moreschi (another prestigious label). Stemar shoes are known for their extraordinary flexibility and resilience, two things which are seldom found in a pair of shoes.
All shoes are produced at the Moreschi factory in Vigevano, Italy, by expert craftspeople. Special orders or requests can even be flown into the store from the factory to ensure the utmost in personalised service.

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