How to Plan a Memorable Last-Minute Second Honeymoon

People get occupied with their activities and most of the time they do not have spare time to spend with their loved ones. Booking for a second honeymoon may sound like a daunting process, especially if it is a spur-of-the-moment decision.

But don’t worry! It is possible to arrange for a wonderful second honeymoon that will reignite the spark in your marriage and make it one of the best experiences in your life. Below are the following steps to guide you on how to make it happen.

Choose a Destination Together

The first thing that has to be determined before organizing a second honeymoon is the place to go. Since it is spontaneous, you may wish to select a destination that can easily be accessed without having to make many arrangements. Take a paper and pen and write down the destinations you both dream of going to.

Think of nearby cities, a lovely mountain cabin, or a tropical beach. If both of you are lovers of the sea, you can capture an offer for a romantic cruise. This can be an easy and fascinating way to pass the time together.

Plan Your Activities

When you have an idea of where you want to go, consider the types of activities that interest you both. Do you like walking, travelling, or just swimming in the pool? Organize your trip around these interests. Just remember that this is a time to catch up with friends and family and to have fun, so try not to plan too much.

Spare some time for the unplanned. Sometimes the best moments can come in the most unexpected places.

Find the Perfect Accommodation

Where to stay is equally important when on a honeymoon, and one needs to be very selective. Search for a spot that gives the feelings of comfort, relaxation, and love. It could be a small bed and breakfast facility, a four-star hotel, or even a single cabin.

Honeymoon packages are available at almost all the hotels and resorts whereby sweet added incentives may include breakfast in bed, couple’s massages, or champagne on arrival. Try to book an offer for a romantic cruise to make your stay special without breaking the bank.

Pack Smart and Light

Traveling at the last minute is convenient but packing is always a stressful period especially when you do not know where to start. There should be a list of requirements that should NOT be changed or added to. Bring an adequate wardrobe that you will be able to layer, comfortable footwear for walking around, and anything else you might require.

Do not leave the house without an accessory, for example, a handwritten letter to your loved one or a gift. It really can be the little things that count.

Capture the Moments

That is why a second honeymoon is a great opportunity to take some new pictures together, where both can look younger. Make sure to bring a camera or simply use the cameras of your mobile phones while engaging in different activities.

Keep a travel diary where you can write down the events and impressions. These matters will be great for the memories and they can make the trip more memorable if needed.


The idea of planning a second honeymoon at the last minute can be a relatively easy one. If you want to plan a perfect unforgettable holiday, spend a little time thinking and remember, the main thing is to spend time together.

Whether it’s a mini vacation at sea on a romantic cruise, a mountain top getaway, or a city break, it is important to spend quality time together and have fun.