NYC art galleries heading for Mayfair

New York-style art galleries are about to be Mayfair’s next big thing, according to a new report.

Growing demand for art.

The London Luxury Quarter business group’s report says a growing demand for art is encouraging art dealers such as New York-based Larry Gagosian to open galleries in Mayfair. Commercial property owner The Pollen Estate is reportedly intending to open five new art spaces on Cork Street, and a spokesperson for the London Luxury Quarter group said there was “intense demand” from other American galleries as well.

Mayfair’s art scene.

It’s not just galleries that are due to make an impact on Mayfair’s art scene: auction house Sotheby’s is due to open a new location for private sales on St. George Street in November. Patti Wong, chairman of Sotheby’s Asia, was quoted in the report as saying:

“The London Luxury Quarter is the most important market for jewellery and art in Europe. At Sotheby’s on Bond Street, I joke that I worry about our carpet. Massive amounts of people come through during the big sales.” The message is clear: if you love art, head to Mayfair.