New Mayfair restaurant provides a taste of Georgia

Marani on Curzon Street in leafy Mayfair has recently opened its doors and it’s one of London’s newest Georgian eateries, with authentic, eclectic décor featuring slightly odd artwork, candles and vintage photographs setting the scene perfectly for the main attraction; the food.

A baffling menu.

Expect a menu filled with Georgian specialities, from mixed pkhali (leeks, spinach and aubergines poached with pomegranate seeds and walnuts!) to grilled chicken with garlic sauce. The Lobio (spiced kidney beans served with a generous porting of mixed pickles) and the Georgian salad of cucumber, tomatoes and walnuts are two of the best dishes to try, whilst the marinated skewers of meat are a spicy delight! Wash everything down with a few delicious glasses of kindzmarauli, the traditional Georgian sweet red wine.

The perfect location.

This restaurant’s Mayfair location ensures it will be a hit with locals who perhaps haven’t ventured into the world of Georgian cuisine before – the piled-high plates are perfect for sharing and it’s the type of restaurant which is best suited to large groups of friends or cosy family gatherings. If possible, take along some friends who know their stuff as the menu is overly long and at times quite baffling; it can be hard to know where to start!