Make eyes in Mayfair this March

They say men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses – the women in question obviously didn’t shop for their eyewear in Mayfair. From the latest designer spectacles to handmade vintage eyeglasses, a trip to Mayfair is the perfect time to shop for gorgeous new glasses that are sure to get you noticed.

E.B. Meyrowitz.

Mr Emil Bruno Meyrowitz, an optical pioneer who opened practices across the globe in London, NY and Paris, gave his name to the shop which for more than 100 years has designed its own unique range of optical products for a discerning international clientele.

Bespoke eyewear.

E.B. Meyrowitz, offers a bespoke service where you can have made-to-measure spectacles designed to fit from a variety of rare, high-quality materials including the finest acetate and buffalo horn. Whether your style is geek-chic or something more subtle, you can have it made to order here.

New premises.

Now located at 6 The Royal Arcade, after moving from its former premises on Bond Street, this Mayfair institution is the perfect place to come if you’re looking for a uniquely designed pair of glasses to express your personality.

You may pay a little more for the privilege, but we guarantee there will be no shortage of passes for those wearing a pair of glasses from E.B. Meyrowitz!

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