Luxury Leather Gifts for Him: Investing in Style

Need a male friend or relative to feel like a million bucks (or, in this case, pounds)? Why not give them a lavish gift this holiday season? Check out some recommendations below.

Luxurious Business Travel Bag

The Grand Leather Garment Bag is the most luxurious business travel bag you can buy. It’s a duffle-style bag with a built-in garment bag zipped into the lining, meaning you can carry a suit without creasing it and the need for a different bag. It’s made from the highest quality full-grain leather and can be personalised with a special engraving, ideal as a gift.

Check out this video for a closer look at this exquisite leather luggage:

At GBP £1,037, you can get your special someone a carry-on-compliant travel bag to help them save on luggage costs on the plane. Consider getting the recipient’s initials or custom logo laser-engraved on the bag. Don’t forget the extra GBP £43 for the Premium leather cream to help keep the leather’s timeless appearance for a long time.

Beerwulf Beer Taps And Kegs

You heard it right: ‘kegs’ of beer. Not the traditional, wooden kind but compact ones you place in a compact beer tap. It’s quite amazing how far beer enjoyment technology has come.

Starting at GBP £149, Beerwulf’s various beer tap and keg sets can bring cold ones straight to a pint enjoyer’s home. The sets include a Krups two-litre or Blade eight-litre dispenser and a vast assortment of well-known beers like Heineken and Tiger. No more buying countless cases and bottles when keeping the beer flowing is as easy as replacing the keg.

Montblanc Mesiterstück Ballpoint Pen

Nothing screams sophistication like a ballpoint pen that costs hundreds of pounds. Montblanc’s classic Mesiterstück pen is proof of that – a traditional-shaped pen plated in precious metals that exude its magnificence as it writes.

By ‘precious metals,’ it means gold or platinum. The pen comes in gold, rose gold, and platinum options, referring to the clips and coatings along its resin body. For that lavish touch, you can get it personalised with up to 13 letters on its cap or clip.

The classic Mesiterstück pen starts at GBP£380 for the gold and rose gold and GBP £390 for the platinum Classique (137.1-mm) variant. It also comes in Midsize (141.7 mm, platinum only) and LeGrand (147.9 mm) lengths.

Charbonnel et Walker 160-Piece Chocolate And Truffle Selection

Resisting the urge to eat chocolate can be hard, probably because your brain is hardwired to like it. So what happens when you receive a gift of 160 pieces of various chocolates handcrafted by the Rolls-Royce of chocolate? In that case, chocolate has stopped being a mere dessert – it’s now an unforgettable experience. Charbonnel et Walker’s 160-piece chocolate selection shows that the brand deserves its Royal Warrant – to supply its products to the Royal Family. Arranged in a box akin to an old-fashioned Victorian dresser, it displays every piece of chocolate and truffle made with passion and more than a hundred years of tradition. The selection costs GBP £300, a bargain given how much chocolate is inside. It’s a great gift because it lets the recipient share with everyone.

Bubalou Champ Coolstool

Sure, this listicle may have said earlier that compact taps and kegs eliminate the need to purchase cases and bottles of beer. Then again, some will still cool their alcohol the old-fashioned way, as in a bucketful of ice.

Netherlands-based furniture maker Bubalou devised a way for a basic cooler to be more than just that. Combining a cooler and a stool led to the birth of the Coolstool, a multi-functional piece of furniture shaped like a wine cork. The cork lid can be removed to use it as a beverage cooler and put back on to use as a stool.

You can get this awesome stool for someone for GBP £130, along with the option to personalise the lid with a logo or short message. It comes in black and white.

N.Peal 007 Woven Nehru Jacket

Even if he’s fictional, James Bond is one of Britain’s most formidable secret agents. Throughout his service to the Crown, he’s thwarted countless threats to his country and, to some extent, the world. Not to mention that he finds time to enjoy a martini and philander with women while busy saving the world in the shadows.

N.Peal’s woven Nehru jacket pays homage to Agent 007, particularly in one scene in the 1962 film ‘Dr. No.’ This navy blue jacket is close to what he wore while held captive on Crab Key island and dining with titular antagonist Dr. Julius No. Made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, this piece of outerwear is as comfortable as it’s classy.

You can pick one up for GBP £495, available in five sizes. It may not be the exact jacket, but it’s enough to appeal to the average Bond fan.

Forge Your Own Knife with Oldfield Forge

Kitchen knives may not be a bad gift idea, but why limit yourself there? Luxury gifts for men are more than just pricey; they should also be able to leave an unforgettable experience for their cost. Instead, why not give him the experience of making his own?

Oldfield Forge in Herefordshire offers a one-day hands-on knife-making course, from firing up the furnace to finishing the blade. Attendees will be guided by in-house experts and ensure their safety throughout the process. You can purchase a voucher that entitles you and the recipient to the knife-making course for GBP £185.

Ray-Ban Meta Headliner Smart Glasses

The brainchild of a multi-year collaboration between tech giant Meta and eyewear conglomerate EssilorLuxottica, Ray-Ban’s Meta line of smart glasses lets wearers do more than see the world through polarised lenses. The Headliner is one of the latest additions, featuring the following:

  • An ultra-wide 12 MP camera with five in-built mics
  • Open-ear speakers where the frame meets the ears
  • Hyper-responsive touchpad
  • Voice command function
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Space for 500 images and up to 60 30-fps videos

In other words, these glasses combine multiple gadgets into one – all for GBP £329. They might not perform on the same level as cameras and phones, but they’re good enough for casual use or quick posting on social media.

Amalgam Collection Model Cars

There’s no shortage of car enthusiasts in the country, let alone car collectors. Their shelves of model cars of varying scales are nothing short of a testament to their automotive passion. That said, a collection always starts with one that inspires them to pursue such a hobby.

That’s what the model cars made by Bristol-based Amalgam Collection strive for. The striking attention to detail they treat each model with is the result of long-term partnerships with racing teams and car manufacturers, which provide the artisans with accurate data. Nothing gives a car maker’s legacy or a race driver’s prestige justice better than an exact replica of their autos.

Amalgam produces vintage and modern luxury and race cars on various scales, with 1:1 being the largest. Perhaps a 1:18-scale Ferrari LaFerrari worth GBP£830 can be a good start to one’s car-collecting endeavour. Each model car’s production run is limited, so it pays to secure a slot as soon as possible.

Dibor Personalised Whiskey Advent Decanter

Advent decanters make for a distinctive way to count down the days to Christmas. They’re also distinctive in that they must be given as a present before December due to their design.

Dibor’s 750-ml whisky advent decanter, costing just GBP£34, features a scale marking the last 24 days before the 25th of December. Despite the term, the glass bottle can hold just about any liquor. Your personalised message will appear above the scale.

The order can also come with a pair of 400-ml Highland Stag tumblers for an extra GBP£16.

Dr Martens 1460 Boots

Dr Martens’ line of rugged and reliable boots stems from a post-war soldier’s need to recover from a broken foot. After showing his prototype footwear to a mechanical engineer, the iconic 1460 boots were born. The name ‘1460’ refers to the date of their debut: the 1st of April 1960.

Yet, over 60 years later, Dr Martens continues to churn out these boots, even with their newer cousins like the 1490 hitting store shelves. With a leather exterior, leather-textile interior, and vinyl soles, the 1460s can suit virtually any fashion sense while holding their own under most environments. Unlike many shoes, the 1460’s upper and sole are heat-sealed.

These boots start at GBP£125 for smooth leather, with some exterior patterns costing extra.

The Dalmore 21-Year-Old 2023 Edition Whisky

There’s much history contained in the Dalmore’s iconic stag, not least of which is the emblem of exceptionalism in the art of distilling spirits. However, the crème of the crop goes to the Dalmore 21, a single-malt scotch whisky aged for 21 years. Not just in ordinary barrels but in oak barrels that also aged Matusalem Oloroso Sherry for 30 years.

The blend of flavours results in a scotch with an aroma akin to Seville oranges, a thick marzipan sensation to the palate, and a taste of ginseng to finish it off. Give this GBP£625 present to your friend or relative, especially if they fancy themselves a connoisseur of liquors and spirits.

Smeg BCC02 Automatic Coffee Machine

People enjoy coffee in a coffee shop for many reasons, not least of which is that grinding your own beans can be a hassle. If you want to gift someone the ability to make barista-style coffee themselves, Smeg’s bean-to-coffee machine can help with that.

Sporting a 1950s style, the BCC02 has everything you need to make quality coffee. With a push of a button, the machine will start grinding beans and mix them with water heated at the ideal temperature. The foaming rod lets one enjoy cappuccino and latte on top of the regular options, like espresso and Americano.

This coffee machine can save your giftee trips to the coffee shop for GBP£699.

Creed Aventus Perfume

Ask perfume enthusiasts about the most well-known perfumes, and most won’t miss to mention Creed Aventus. Since its debut in 2010, it’s gained a considerable following for its unique blend of fruity and woody notes. It was so successful that it spawned clones in the perfume market. As a reminder, only pick up perfumes from the manufacturer or reputable luxury stores.

Your special someone will most likely love this combination of pineapple, jasmine, vanilla, and musk scents – evoking a masculinity of sorts. Aventus starts at GBP£165 for a 30-ml bottle, up to GBP£1,350 for a one-litre bottle.

Royal Selangor Star Wars Chess Set

How often do you come across a Star Wars fan who also plays chess? With millions of fans all over the globe, finding such a person shouldn’t be too small of a needle in a haystack. If you’re friends with or your family has one, then he’ll enjoy this official Star Wars chess set.

This magnificent chess set by Royal Selangor lets you play a match while immersed in the great conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance across a tempered glass chessboard. Besides the pawns represented by stormtroopers and rebel soldiers, the more advanced units take the shape of iconic characters from the original trilogy.

The figures are made from pewter and stand on porcelain plinths of varying heights (which may signify their importance in a match). Combined with the remarkable attention to detail, the set is priced at GBP £1,799.

Daniel Hanson Silk Pyjama Set

Silk is one of the most well-known epitomes of extravagance, owing to how it’s harvested and made into textiles. Its limited supply in the market commanded a high price, paving the way for its long-term image as a textile for the wealthy.

That image still holds today, exemplified by Daniel Hanson’s vast selection of silk pyjama sets. The softness that silk provides when pressed against the skin makes for peaceful evenings, while thermoregulation allows it to be worn all year round. Each pyjama set is handmade to hide most stitchwork, contributing to the silk’s seamless appearance.

The set comes in various colours for one common price of GBP £795. Each is made to order, so it’s important to get the recipient’s size right.


There isn’t any reason to hold back on gifting someone a luxury item. For starters, you’ll give a person a chance to enjoy a pleasure of life he might not be able to afford. Not to mention the satisfaction of helping him enjoy said pleasure. Consider picking up a luxury item for him this coming holiday.