Luxury Decor Inspired By Celebrity Homes

Celebrities have access to everything we wish we had, which is mainly money, and with that money, they quickly learn how to spend. Not only do they splash on the most luxurious items, but they also splash on the most acclaimed interior designers to guide them towards interior greatness. What that leaves is us, the innocent and dreaming onlooker, to watch in awe and hope we can be that rich one day. And since celebrities love to post content, there are tons of celebrity-inspired design ideas to explore on the internet.

Below, we’ll look at the celebrities who have invested literally millions into the interior of their home and what inspiration we can draw from it on a budget.

Kim Kardashian

The woman who broke the internet sure knows how to splash the cash and then flaunt it on social media – a little too much, if you think back to her Paris robbery drama. She has a minimalist and contemporary style in her home decor. In an interview with Architectural Digest in 2020, she shared that her home features a neutral colour palette and a mix of modern and vintage furniture pieces.

Kardashian has also shared glimpses of her home on her social media accounts, showing off luxurious features such as marble countertops, grand oak flooring, a custom-made light installation, and an indoor basketball court. Naturally, an indoor basketball in any context is out of reach for most of us, but there are elements of her decor we can draw inspiration from. Perhaps oak laminate flooring instead of hardwood or marble vinyl for countertops that look like the real thing. In terms of colour palette, however, nudes are out, and colours are in, so don’t follow that Kardashian trend.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is an all-round class act – a guy who can make you laugh in seconds, but for some reason, you can’t imagine interior decor to be his forte. But, what he did do, is pay someone to design the interior of his £23.9 million home in LA. The differences between the Kardashian and Carrey decor are huge. There are brilliant white walls with pops of colour in the form of art, with tons of natural light illuminating each room. The pitched beamed ceilings also have quirky skylights and ceiling light shades that add character to the room.

Move to the bathroom, however, and you’re in rustic heaven with a huge bathtub and wood-panelled walls with a fireplace…in the bathroom. Carrey’s home is a mismatch of beauty – draw inspiration from the pops of colour against bright white walls and using panelling in the bathroom to create a textured aesthetic.

Parts of Carrey’s home are exactly like him, eccentric with bright colours, so don’t be afraid to bring a little bit of what represents you into your home.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus purchased a stunning Tennessee farmhouse, and the aesthetics of the interior are as charming and rustic as you would expect them to be. It’s almost a mirror image of the home that features in her film from the outside, and we love it. The 33.5-acre estate is in her hometown of Williamson County, taking her right back to her country routes.

Inside, you’ll find a living room the literal size of a barn with double-height vaulted ceilings and exposed wooden beams. The natural wood set against the warm white walls and brown furniture with a fireplace in the corner is the decor of dreams. The rustic look continues throughout the house, with a farm-style kitchen with wooden ceilings and exposed brick walls. The bathroom and bedroom are also similar.

Those exposed brick walls are stunning and easy to replicate in any kitchen. Brown furniture and the colour palette, in general, are trending in 2023 – the shade is becoming the new neutral. In fact, avoid neutrals other than whites in 2023, and you’ll be on trend. If anything, it proves the highly acclaimed Kardashian interior to be rather bland. By reading alone, what interior do you prefer the sound of? You can take a visual trip inside the homes we’ve mentioned through the Ideal Home website – it’s inspiring to have an insight into what you can do with money, and how you can replicate it without money.


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