London’s best bespoke engagement ring jewellers you’ve yet to hear of…

Purchasing an engagement ring holds immense importance, arguably ranking as one of the most important decisions a person can make. The process involves careful consideration, making sure the chosen ring represents both a symbol of love and commitment to one another.

Finding the ideal ring requires time and effort as is the case with all the best things in life. There are a large number of exceptional jewellers that will be able to support the creation of a truly unique and special engagement ring yet there is one that you may yet to hear of that is worth having on your radar.

Located in a townhouse showroom just a stone’s throw away from Hatton Garden is this hidden gem and rising star brand. Striving to create a forward-thinking, responsible company, Blackacre is carving its way for the next generation in terms of creating the most exceptional and personal jewellery.

Where it all began…

Founded by Samuel Stirrat, the brand has been built almost entirely through word of mouth, highlighting the commitment to quality both in terms of product and service. The small studio, home to the client-facing members of the team, is located just off Chancery Lane amongst the legal chambers of Gray’s Inn.

Officially founded in 2017, this company is just over seven years old and has already been recognised as one of London’s leading bespoke engagement ring jewellers and luxury brands. Whilst bespoke engagement rings have been at the core of the brand the array of products on offer continues to grow alongside their fiercely loyal clients.

With a small team of experts, with the ethos to “do a good job and the rest will take care of itself” this company is brimming with passion, enthusiasm and focus, ready to put their clients at the centre of the experience, inviting them on the exciting journey that is jewellery making.

A commitment to creating high-quality engagement rings and fine jewellery

With a shared passion for showcasing exceptional diamonds and gemstones, Blackacre’s team of experts focus on stone-led designs when it comes to crafting each piece. Subsequently, each piece is designed to show the gems to the maximum potential.

By laser scanning the client’s chosen stones pre-creation, the team in the workshop can design the metalwork, using computer software, tailored to the exact personality and properties of the given gemstone.

By marrying together modern technology and traditional hand craftsmanship, each ring is carefully and delicately constructed by hand in the central London workshop. With specialist craftsmen at every stage of the process, working under microscopes to get as close to the stones as possible, each Blackacre ring is created to the highest standards imaginable with breathtaking attention to detail.

A bespoke experience crafting a personal engagement ring

Whilst it is fairly easy to pop down to Hatton Garden and find yourself a ring that shines bright and fits the price range, this is perhaps not the most personal of approaches.

Engagement rings are a very personal item, and they are usually the only piece of jewellery that a lady wears every day, therefore you want to make sure it is something that your soon-to-be fiance loves and reflects her style.

By having an entirely bespoke creation with the team at Blackacre there is no danger of creating a ring that lacks thoughtfulness and detail.

Whichever ring design you decide to move forward with, from hidden symbols beneath the stone to subtle stones within the bezel or a secretive message engraved into the band, there will be no shortage of personal touches that make your engagement ring extra special.

It’s all about the experience

Arguably one of the most notable features of any engagement ring journey is the experience of purchasing or buying a ring. This is no different with a Blackacre creation and clients can expect a whirlwind of education as they are immersed in every step of the creative process.

From diamond and gem education to photos and video updates from the workshop, you are involved in every step of this unique, personal journey. By taking the time to talk each client through the step-by-step process of how the jewellery is made, you will build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the immense amount of time, skill and effort poured into each ring.


So when it comes to purchasing your engagement ring, regardless of the route you go down, ensure that you find a jeweller that you can trust and enjoy working with. And if it is a unique or personal bespoke engagement ring you are after, you might just thank us for uncovering this hidden gem of a jeweller.


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