London casinos are going online

Many of the UK’s online casinos are seeing a lot of players migrating from the land-based casino tables to online casinos. And this is something that has a clear motivation: online casinos can offer many things that land-based casinos cannot. As a result, many players who tried online gaming in during the pandemic are staying there, so land-based casinos in London and around the world must act accordingly to continue to maintain their turnover.

Online casino promotions

In an era in which online marketing is present in practically any business that wants to sell more, online casinos could not be less as they are a totally online business.

Therefore, online casinos make great marketing efforts to attract new users. Efforts that users can take advantage of to our benefit, as in the case of no deposit bonuses.

This type of bonus is something that is present in some countries since in others they are not offered. In the case of Japan, for example, casinos like Monkaji offer no deposit bonuses to their new users so that they can try the casino without depositing their own money.

No deposit bonuses for casino in Japan

Many online casinos oriented to players residing in Japan offer no deposit welcome bonuses for different casino games. Most of the time we will be able to use them for different games, other times they will be for specific games. But in any case, it’s free money! Now let’s see how these types of promotions work.

Operation and features of no deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are a marketing tool that casinos can use to show off their casino risk-free to new users, but they also don’t want to lose hundreds of thousands of euros by allowing users to instantly withdraw the balance, so the balance remains locked until the user has wagered a minimum amount in the casino. This makes perfect sense, as the whole point of the no deposit bonus is that the user can, without having to deposit a balance, test the casino. If the bonus were allowed to be withdrawn directly, many users would not get to test the casino and there would be no point in offering this bonus to players.

Therefore, the first feature that these bonuses have is the rollover. What is the rollover? Simply, the number of times or the amount of money that the player must wager the no deposit bonus on the different casino games in order to convert it to a real balance that can be withdrawn to the player’s payment method.

Secondly, we find the maximum amount of money convertible to real money, since it usually has a limit of money that we can win and withdraw thanks to the no deposit bonus. This amount is usually several times the money received as a bonus balance, but it is convenient to take it into account when betting and how to do it.

Finally, we have to take into account the rollover contribution percentage of each game, as they do not all contribute the same. This is usually expressed as a percentage so that there are games that contribute 100% (i.e. every £1 wagered will contribute £1 to the rollover), while other games will contribute a lower percentage. These games that contribute less are usually table games where the player has a much better chance of winning, such as blackjack or roulette.

Japanese favourite games with no deposit bonuses

The Japanese have a very popular game in their country which is Pachinko. This makes that, being a game similar in appearance to a slot, slots are one of the favourite games in Japan for online casino users.

However, some card games such as blackjack or baccarat are also very popular among Japanese players, as they also feel a certain inclination for casino card games.

Finally, roulette is another great casino game that Japanese users love.

Tips for playing no deposit bonuses

Considering the preferred games of the Japanese, it would be best to use the no deposit bonus on slots, since these contribute 100% to the rollover, while other games such as Blackjack, Baccarat or roulette usually contribute between 15% and 25%. This means that to meet a wagering requirement of £1,000 you will have to wager a total of at least £4,000 (in the case of contributing 25% to the rollover).

Within the slots, we can give some advice as to the type of slots to play: high volatility slots are the best since the chances of getting a big prize are higher and with that, we will be able to fulfil the rollover requirements much more comfortably. With low volatility slots, where a bad streak is still common, it is more difficult for us to get enough advantage to release the no deposit bonus.


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