Rose & Crown

Rose & Crown

The Rose & Crown, situated on the prestigious Park Lane in Mayfair, London, is a traditional English pub with a remarkable history dating back to the 17th century. For over four centuries, this establishment has been a cornerstone of London’s social life, originally serving as living quarters for Oliver Cromwell’s bodyguards. This historic pub offers […]

The Punchbowl

Banner The Punchbowl

Every stage of Mayfair’s hallowed history has been one of fine living. From the bohemian playground to wartime stronghold and thriving financial mecca, the history of London’s most coveted district is a hallowed scroll of glitzy parties, royal occasions and high society – and The Punchbowl has stood at the heart of it all. Ever […]

Marlborough Head

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Marlborough Head It is thought that the pub owes its name to Duke of Marlborough John Churchill. The Marlborough Head is a charming traditional pub in Mayfair. The menu is in the best tradition of Great British pub food, with a unique choice of ales and various wines to be enjoyed with friends. On the […]