Theatre of Wine

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Theatre of Wine, founded in 2002, is a retailer, importer, and distributor with one of the most diverse selections of wines, beers, and spirits in the UK. We like traditional European wines like Bordeaux and Burgundy, Barolo and Chianti, Rioja and Riesling, wines from rising areas like Romania, England, Greece, Bulgaria, and Croatia, and neglected […]

Ow Loeb

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O.W. Loeb. Fine Wine Merchants since 1874. Based in Mayfair, London. Specialists in the wines of Burgundy, Rhone and Germany. O.W.Loeb’s history begins in the heart of 19th century Europe, in 1874 to be exact, in the German town of Trier in Mosel. Known for his excellent palate, Sigmund Loeb was an esteemed wine broker and the President […]

Shepherd Market Wine House

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At Shepherd Market Wine House, along with select champagnes, we offer sumptuous wines from every possible region in the world. All our wines are fresh and ready for your drinking enjoyment on-site or for take-away. Hand-picked by our Sommelier and Manager, we feature a wide range of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines from renowned chateaux and […]