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O.W. Loeb. Fine Wine Merchants since 1874. Based in Mayfair, London. Specialists in the wines of Burgundy, Rhone and Germany.

O.W.Loeb’s history begins in the heart of 19th century Europe, in 1874 to be exact, in the German town of Trier in Mosel. Known for his excellent palate, Sigmund Loeb was an esteemed wine broker and the President of the Mosel Wine Trade Association for almost three decades.

After the First World War, Otto Wolfgang Loeb (1898-1974) joined his father to find new markets and develop the export side of the business, travelling regularly to the UK and the USA. As life became increasingly difficult for the Jewish community in 1930s Germany, Otto eventually relocated to London and O.W. Loeb as a UK-based business was born in 1938.

In the late 1950s, the company decided they should import French wines and started to buy from the best domains in Burgundy and the Rhone; establishing their expertise and building a prestigious portfolio of up to 200 producers nowadays.

In 2014, Marlon Abela, founder of the MARC group, acquired O.W. Loeb, a logical and natural step for this long-time lover and one of the greatest collectors of fine wine. It’s no secret that fine wine and ‘haute cuisine’ go hand in hand. MARC is unique in the diversity and quality of its restaurants; the group holds five Michelin stars and some of the world’s most impressive wine lists.

Now based in Mayfair, O.W. Loeb, true to its founding values, continues to ship fine wine from some of France’s greatest names and the Mosel’s finest estates together with gems from other parts of the world.

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