Isabel Mayfair

Isabel Mayfair

A Symphony of Flavours, A Dance of Cultures.


Amidst the refined surroundings of Mayfair, Isabel restaurant emerges as an oasis of vivacity and flair. While the locale is steeped in classical elegance, Isabel dances to a distinctly different rhythm, one that echoes the spirit and vitality of Latin America and the Mediterranean. Every visitor is met with an experience that seamlessly blends the sophistication of its Mayfair roots with the liveliness of its Latin and Mediterranean inspirations.

A Culinary Tapestry of Tradition and Innovation

Isabel’s menu is a captivating journey across continents. Drawing from the rich culinary traditions of Latin and Mediterranean regions, every dish is an artwork, a perfect balance of taste, texture, and aroma. Whether it’s a mid-day lunch or a late-night cocktail, the offerings promise a gastronomic adventure. But it’s not just about the food and drink. The essence of Isabel lies in the details – the warm hues, the ambient music, and the subtle touches that pay homage to the Latin zest and Mediterranean warmth, all wrapped up in the grandeur of Mayfair.

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