Gaziano Girling

Bespoke – Made to Order – Stock Shoes

Gaziano & Girling is a unique high-end shoe company. Founded in 2006 by Tony Gaziano & Dean Girling, it has become the most innovative and versatile shoemaker in England. The objective has been to create the finest men’s shoes in the world, mixing Italian lines and comfort with British craft and tradition. Achieving this goal takes immense dedication and a zero-compromise approach to shoemaking.

Beautifully made footwear that suits men both young and old, conservative and contemporary. Traditional English models are updated with touches of continental flair, in the last, a shaped waist and design elements that together raise a functional shoe into a work of art.

Over half of the team are bespoke craftsmen and have a holistic knowledge of shoes. We believe this is unique in our industry. They are all multi-skilled and the craftsmen working on our ready-made line of shoes are better trained than most bespoke craftsmen.



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