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Nothing can quite compare to the luxury of a suit tailored entirely to your own specifications. With our bespoke service, the sky is the limit and we aim to make the dream of your perfect suit a reality. With a huge selection of only the finest fabrics available, and an exclusive personal service offered in store by staff, your bespoke suit will be created uniquely by Savile Row’s finest.

Do you have strong feelings on ticket pockets, or feel more at home in a double vented jacket? These are just two of many aspects of your suits that get addressed with our “Made to Measure” service. We await to assist you in making your choice armed with many years of tailoring experience, whilst allowing you the freedom to be as individual as you please.
We offer a traditional range of high quality Morning suit attire on a hire basis, with optional cloth weights and trouser fabrics, as well as a flexible price range to suit any budget without skimping on style. Please contact our Savile Row store for further information, or to book an appointment.

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Address34-35 Savile Row, Mayfair, London.W1S 3QA.
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