A Historic Taste of Italian Excellence


Delfino, established in 1953, is a historic Italian restaurant nestled in London’s prestigious Mayfair district. Offering a new approach to pizza making and Italian cuisine, Delfino combines a rich culinary heritage with a modern twist. Guests can expect a diverse menu, ranging from gourmet pizzas to traditional Italian recipes, all prepared using the finest ingredients. Delfino prides itself on sourcing from suppliers and producers who do things the right way, ensuring every dish is a true celebration of Italian cuisine.

Dining Excellence

Beyond its delectable food, Delfino offers an inviting atmosphere, perfect for both casual dining and special events. The restaurant’s finest selection of wines, including natural Italian and French varieties, complements the menu perfectly, enhancing the dining experience. Patrons can also enjoy fun cocktails, adding a playful touch to their meal. Delfino’s combination of gourmet dishes, a varied wine list, and relaxed ambiance makes it a destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Italy in the heart of London.

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